Friday, May 6, 2011

7 months old.....A day we'll never forget

Sunday my sweet Kinley Bugs turned 7 months old. It sounds so weird to say my 7 month old; I can't believe she's so close to being 1 years old; YIKES!!!!

Sunday started out SUPER unusual for us. We were all up and running a head of schedule! At 9 Kinley wanted to take a nap. Which was cool, she usually has a 20-30 min power nap every am. So , I laid her down and we all continued to get ready for church. We were all ready for church by 9:45 (which is stellar for us!!!) Kinley kept sleeping and sleeping. Poor M.C. Kept asking when are leaving for church. 10 came, 10:30 came; poor daddy and m.c were just sitting on the couch waiting to go. Kinley slept till 11:30, HOLY MOLEY!!!! So needless to say we didn't make it to church. We all got out of church clothes and started to make lunch and the weather alert on the tv went of for a thunderstorm. Okay.. no big deal. Then 2 minutes later it went off again and it was for a Tornado Warning. YIKES.. it came out of now where. We immediately turned to the news and they were talking all about it. Then my phone started blowing up, my sister in law Laura, My Dad, My mom and the my brother. We got all our stuff together and went to my moms. WHY you ask did we leave.... IDK..... we just did. Usually we stay right here but for some reason we left. AND thankfully we did. The tornado went just a few hundred yards behind our house.

I am sooo sick of tornadoes...we have had too many close calls here lately to count! Enough is a dang enough!! M.C. is now scared to death of tornadoes and if she even hears them mention the word on tv she FREAKS OUT!!!!!!

So it was a not the best of days...... but that night The president announced they found and killed Osama Bin Laden.. WOW!!! After all these years, how nuts is that!!!!! So the day Kinley turned 7 months old is a day I don't think I'll ever forget!

This child is on the move these days; she is NEVER still!!!! I sometimes forget she can crawl so well and I have gone to another room and seconds later she's right behind me. It catches me so off guard to see her and then I remember... oh yeah she can crawl now... duh Brooke! She had a blast taking her 7 month pictures. She was playing peak-a-boo like crazy. It took me forever to actually get a picture of her face!

In the last 2 week she has really started having separation issues. It breaks my heart to hear her get so upset when I leave the room or leave her with Ms. Brittany in the morning. I know it's just a phase but it doesn't make it any easier!

Kinley is pulling up on everything thing these days. And God Bless her, she has had some big time falls over this last week. Two were so bad they left big ole bumps on her sweet little forehead. And again I know this is just part of her learning phase but it's so hard to watch her fall and then cry so hard! This was her 30 week picture from last Friday. I got one picture in before she was gone and pulling up on her music table!

Easter Sunday her fever wouldn't break, so off to the doctor we went on Monday. And of course she had a little cold and a double ear infection. YEP that's number two and our second time on an antibiotic. UHHHH! Yes, I was upset and Yes the doctor again had to give me the talk that it's not my fault, it just happens, blah blah blah. It just makes me feel like such a failure......such is a mom's life;lol! But she finished up her medication today and her ears are clear!!! I hope and pray they stay that way!!!!