Monday, May 30, 2011

Gymnastics Exhibition 2011

Last Tuesday Micah Claire had her end of the year Gymnastics Exhibition. She was super excited to show everybody her handstand and cartwheel!

My Little Gymnast! the start of her cartwheel

middle of the cartwheel (hence the blurriness;ha)
She did some great handstands but her teach wanted to make sure she made it all the way to the top so she spotted her on a few. After the exhibition was over M.C. asked me why her teacher helped her. She said....Mom doesn't she know I can do them;lol!

And her newest trick is the back bend; she loves to do them ALLLLLLL the time!

She did all her skills on the high beam all by herself this year!!!! I was one proud mommy!Kinley Bugs had a good time crawling everywhere and getting into everything!LOVE this pic!!! She was babbling a way as I was taking the pic! And of course she got lots of attention from Nana & Poppa!

M.C.'s sweet little friend Taylor came to watch and then go eat pizza with us! These girls are just tooo precious together!

Friday, May 27, 2011

33 & 34 weeks

Of course I'm behind on blogging again....but this time I gotta really good excuse. Or air condition went out last Thursday night. We woke up Friday morning to a 85 degree house and within a few hours it was up to 88 degrees. It was just to hot for us to stay in our house so we loaded up and spent the entire weekend at Nana's! We are so blessed that she lives so close and doesn't mind us bunking over! The entire air condition thing was a might mare but to warranty issues and a bunch of other junk. So it was Wednesday night at 9:30pm before the guys could start working on the unit and it was 2:45 am before then finished. I felt terrible they worked so late but was soooo very appreciative that they did! We are now back home and loving our 72 degree home!!!! Enough about that...on to my little Kinley bugs! These are her pictures from Last Friday when she turned 33 weeks old. She is now waving and saying bye-bye all the time; she also says Momma and dadda to each of us respectively when we enter or leave the room; and she's starting to making do little kiss faces!

Kinley back in the curtains; this her new favorite place to play!

When the air guys came they went into the attic and she had a blast pulling up on the attic stairs!

And today she is 34 weeks old! She has cut 2 more teeth over the last week or so and she hasn't been too fussy at all! This week we added a bed time snack, a rice mum mum, and she loves it!!! And we stopped nursing before we go to sleep! A few nights a week she'll sleep all night but most nightly she wakes up between 1:30 and 3:30 to nurse. Her clogged tear duct opened for over two weeks and I really thought we had it licked.... that's what I get for thinking;ha! But this week it got bad again. It's been watering a ton and now it's back to being matted shut whens she wakes up. She hates it (which I can't blame her) and now she claws at it..... which has lead to her first scratch :(

Her doctor says at her 9 month check up, if it's still not better, we will make a plan to go in and surgically open it. I hope and pray it opens and heals all by itself and we don't have to have surgery! She's just tooooo little to have to go through that.

This week she has stood and balanced on her feet for 20-30 seconds at a time. She occasionally tries to pick a foot up but she hasn't yet tired to take a step with it. If she only knew how her life would change if she would just take that step;ha!

Momma will you.........

Way back in November Micah Claire watched her first ever Macy's Thanksgiving day parade. She was mesmerized by all the floats, and bands and cheering people. She looked at me with sweet eyes and said..... Momma will you take me there one day? And of course I promised her I would, but I made sure she knew it would be when she was much bigger before we went.

Then one day we were coming out of Wal-Mart just after it rained and a rainbow was in the sky. She again, so sweetly, asked if I would take over a rainbow one day. Yep.... I cried at that question! I told her if I could I would but that it wasn't possible.

Then my child got hooked on "the dancing show" aka Dancing with the stars and she asked again.... Momma will you take there one day. I told her that probably would never happen. Surprisingly she took the news well;ha!

Then her buddy Jace went to Disney world and she excited asked.....Momma will you take me and Kinley to Disney World one day. And of course she got a YES to that! I was 11 years old when I went and still remember everything about that place; it's truly the most magical place on earth!

Then one day as we were driving to school and went under the HSU walking bridge she asked.... Momma will take over that bridge one day. And of course I said yes!!! And last Sunday after church we headed to HSU to make that wish come true! She was so excited as we approached the bridge; she was asking a million questions about it and about going over it.

Cheese I love this picture; one little girl..... on big bridge!

She had a blast watching all the cars go by and then under the bridge.

At last we made it to the other side and she was ready to go back across it!

She didn't even want to take pictures by the water fountain......she wanted to go back across it again and again. (and why not it was only 95 degrees;ha!)

After we went back across the bridge we headed over to OBU to walk down the trail by the river. She had a blast there walking in the pavilion, over several little bridges and she even found an old swing.

And talked her sweet daddy into pushing her for a bit!

Over the brige wish GRANTED!!!!!! It maybe the cheapest and easiest wish I have to grant;lol!

May 17th, 2011

May 17th was Micah Claire's one year anniversary at Ms. Mae's! I can't believe it's been a whole year since she started. She was so excited that it was her anniversary; she had no idea what that really meant but she told everybody she saw that day that it was her anniversary birthday;lol!

And of course we had to take some pictures to make the anniversary. And yes I dressed her in the same clothes that she wore that first day; yep I'm a dork!

I can't get over how little she looks in this pictures; it breaks my heart to see how much she has grown and changed over this last year. She has really lost that baby look :(My husband likes to make fun of me for taking pictures all the time;but getting to look back on this exact day makes all his little jokes worth it!I may have been smiling on the outside......but on the inside I was a nervous wreck about taking her. My mind was racing with a million "what if's" but to my surprise she did great her first day!So we headed straight to Sonic for a slush! This was her second day going to school! She was sooo excited to get to wear jewelry!I was still nervous the second day but again she did great! So we had cupcakes to celebrate!

I was 20 some odd weeks pregnant with Kinley in those pictures. We knew we were having a girl but we had no idea what we were even going to name her. I remember being so nervous about having another little girl; so nervous that I couldn't love another girl the way I loved my first girl, but.............

Now I know there was no reason to worry. This second girl, who we know call Kinley Bugs, is the biggest and best blessing ever. She has brought some much joy and happiness to not only Shawn and I but Micah Claire too!
The love these two girls have for one another melts me! Micah Claire tells us all the time that she loves Kinley sooooo much that she's going to marry her when she gets big; precious!!!!!!!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Back to part-time!!!!!!!!!

This past Tuesday I gave my final from 8-10, graded the exams, posted the grades and I was officially done with teaching at OBU this semester!!!! I quickly packed all my stuff up and headed to hot springs for the day. My super awesome hubby got me a massage, manicure and pedicure at a spa. After 2 1/2 hours at the spa I did some shopping ALL by myself!!!!!! I didn't have to change a diaper, nurse a baby, maneuver a stroller in and out of aisles, take a 3 year old to bathroom or hear my name be called a million times. It was just me, myself and I and I LOVED IT!!!!! Now that this semester is over I am now officially back to work only part time!!!! I loved teaching this semester.... don't get me wrong..... but I've missed spending my off days of running at the gym, cleaning my house, and just hanging with my girls! Micah Claire has been compiling her list of "things to do" now that I'm off. I may need to find another part time job to afford her wish list;ha!My First Friday off was super busy! Kinley bugs turned 32 weeks old and we Finally had her 6 month pictures made; yes I know they are officially going down as her 7 1/2 month pictures but at least we got them done! Ms. Hollie did an awesome job! She's emailed one sneak peak picture and it was Fabulous; I can't wait to see the rest!!!!

I love this picture; it's like she's saying...... hold on Mom I'm not ready yet! ;)

She has been pulling up on things for the last 2-3 weeks but this week she started pushing her music table and taking steps with it! It's so amazing to watch her grow and change every day!

Saturday she got her first taste of blueberries and she didn't really like them at first.... but it didn't take long...........for her to decide she actually did like them! Love this blueberry faced baby!!!!M.C. has become fascinated with "big girl scissors" these days! She is into cutting everything...... I'm just hoping and praying she doesn't "accidentally" cut her hair one day!

My mom found a few of my old dresses and cleaned them up for M.C. to wear. She wore this one to church this morning. She hated it and thought it didn't look good because it was "old!" But being the compassionate, understanding mother that I am..... I told her to suck it up and wear it;lol! I thought she looked precious......but what does this "old" mom know;ha!

This funny thing is I wore this dress when I was 5 and it came to my knees, it almost didn't cover her hind in at 3.5 years old. She's my tall girl!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Best Mother's Day Weekend Ever!!!!

I started my Mother's Day weekend with Kinley Bugs turning 31 weeks on Friday! It's sooo hard to keep her still these days for pictures. She is up, down, and on the move as soon as I sit her down to take pictures.My sweet baby girl!Friday I gave her some Puffs for the very first time. She didn't care for the at all! She immediately tried to get it out of her mouth. I just happen to take this picture at the right time and got this picture. LOVE IT; it's the buck tooth look;ha!!!!

When I picked M.C. up from school on Friday she gave me the mother's day card that she made all by herself!!! This is the first card she's ever made me and it was prefect!!!!! I was teary eyed before I even opened it and then................

I read it and burst into tears! It was so simple, so sweet, and so loving!!!! This will probably go down as my most treasured gift ever! I am not that sentimental and do not keep things but this card with be me forever! When I showed it to Shawn he said.... what are going to do with it, chunk it in a few days? I told him NO! I was going to laminate it and keep it forever and it totally shocked him!!!

On Saturday we packed up and headed to the zoo. We usually go at the end of summer when it's really hot but this year I wanted to go early and it was perfect! It was a warm 85 degrees with a slight breeze and ALL the animals were out!

As soon as we got there I put Kinley in the stroller and gave her my phone to occupy her while I got things situated. I turned around to see her with her feet propped up and texting away; cracked me up!My little farmer girl!

I went to nurse Kinley and when I came out this is what I found. She's one silly girl!

When we got to the zoo the lady at the gate told us the train was broke and they weren't sure if it was going to be fixed any time soon. Poor M.C. was crushed. But right after lunch we heard the train whistle blow. It was fixed and she got to ride!!!!!! She LOVES the carousel! I think she would have rode it all day if I would have let her!

And her favorite part..... the snow cone. And this year she decided she was big enough to put her own colors on. She put sooo many colors on it looked black by the time she was through with it!

Kinley was PERFECT the entire day. She never cried, she smiled and enjoyed every minute. She and her laid back spirit are wonderful!!!!!

While we were at the zoo, the guys were hard at work getting our new party barge ready for the summer! We are super pumped about the boat and getting to spend the summer at the lake!!!

M.C. had a blast riding and especially getting to drive with Uncle Eric!

My two captains!!!

Kinley didn't enjoy the ride so much. She was tired and had a terrible time getting comfortable and getting to sleep with her life jacket on.

Daddy and baby girl; priceless!Sunday was baby dedication at our church and we had both girls dedicated! I think I took 30 pictures like this one and in only two of them were both girls looking at the camera; being the paparazzi is hard work!
This is so our life...... one kid looking away... the other making a silly face on purpose... Such is life;lol! Daddy and bugs!
LOVE THIS PIC!!! It's M.C. in a stained glass window at our church; too neat!

After church we went to Nana's to celebrate the dedication, Mother's Day, and my Dad's birthday. Kinley, Aunt Ash and Cooper who should be arriving in 6-7 weeks!!!!

This truly was the best mother's day I've had thus far; most in part to my precious girls, my wonderful friends and family!