Sunday, May 8, 2011

Best Mother's Day Weekend Ever!!!!

I started my Mother's Day weekend with Kinley Bugs turning 31 weeks on Friday! It's sooo hard to keep her still these days for pictures. She is up, down, and on the move as soon as I sit her down to take pictures.My sweet baby girl!Friday I gave her some Puffs for the very first time. She didn't care for the at all! She immediately tried to get it out of her mouth. I just happen to take this picture at the right time and got this picture. LOVE IT; it's the buck tooth look;ha!!!!

When I picked M.C. up from school on Friday she gave me the mother's day card that she made all by herself!!! This is the first card she's ever made me and it was prefect!!!!! I was teary eyed before I even opened it and then................

I read it and burst into tears! It was so simple, so sweet, and so loving!!!! This will probably go down as my most treasured gift ever! I am not that sentimental and do not keep things but this card with be me forever! When I showed it to Shawn he said.... what are going to do with it, chunk it in a few days? I told him NO! I was going to laminate it and keep it forever and it totally shocked him!!!

On Saturday we packed up and headed to the zoo. We usually go at the end of summer when it's really hot but this year I wanted to go early and it was perfect! It was a warm 85 degrees with a slight breeze and ALL the animals were out!

As soon as we got there I put Kinley in the stroller and gave her my phone to occupy her while I got things situated. I turned around to see her with her feet propped up and texting away; cracked me up!My little farmer girl!

I went to nurse Kinley and when I came out this is what I found. She's one silly girl!

When we got to the zoo the lady at the gate told us the train was broke and they weren't sure if it was going to be fixed any time soon. Poor M.C. was crushed. But right after lunch we heard the train whistle blow. It was fixed and she got to ride!!!!!! She LOVES the carousel! I think she would have rode it all day if I would have let her!

And her favorite part..... the snow cone. And this year she decided she was big enough to put her own colors on. She put sooo many colors on it looked black by the time she was through with it!

Kinley was PERFECT the entire day. She never cried, she smiled and enjoyed every minute. She and her laid back spirit are wonderful!!!!!

While we were at the zoo, the guys were hard at work getting our new party barge ready for the summer! We are super pumped about the boat and getting to spend the summer at the lake!!!

M.C. had a blast riding and especially getting to drive with Uncle Eric!

My two captains!!!

Kinley didn't enjoy the ride so much. She was tired and had a terrible time getting comfortable and getting to sleep with her life jacket on.

Daddy and baby girl; priceless!Sunday was baby dedication at our church and we had both girls dedicated! I think I took 30 pictures like this one and in only two of them were both girls looking at the camera; being the paparazzi is hard work!
This is so our life...... one kid looking away... the other making a silly face on purpose... Such is life;lol! Daddy and bugs!
LOVE THIS PIC!!! It's M.C. in a stained glass window at our church; too neat!

After church we went to Nana's to celebrate the dedication, Mother's Day, and my Dad's birthday. Kinley, Aunt Ash and Cooper who should be arriving in 6-7 weeks!!!!

This truly was the best mother's day I've had thus far; most in part to my precious girls, my wonderful friends and family!


Anonymous said...

Oh Brooke your post brought back soo many memories! My first mothers day w/ Will we went to the zoo. I sat in a chair in the shade and rocked him and Gerber walked around w/ Sam, who only wanted to ride the train!It seems like so long and like yesterday at the same time. treasure these time they will go quickly! love Tammie