Sunday, May 1, 2011

Disney On Ice: Princess Wishes

Last Saturday we headed to Little Rock to watch Disney on Ice: Princess Wishes. I bought these tickets over 2 months ago and made the mistake of telling Micah Claire when I did. She has asked EVERYDAY since "how many more days momma??" She was so excited Friday night, I was afraid she was never going to get to sleep. She was up and at em at 6am Saturday morning. My precious girls getting ready to go to the big show!

Don't they look cute in their matching outfits!!!! I think I might be a little more than addicted to buying them matching clothes;ha!

My big girl!

My little girl!

Can you tell she is excited about her day;lol!

Nana and Poppa stopped by to see the girls before they left to go to my Granny's for Easter. Again..... I bought the tickets along time ago and didn't realize it was also Easter weekend;oops!

Nana, Poppa and the girls!

Poor Kinley wasn't a happy camper that morning and that is so not like her. Come to find out she had a double ear infection;uhhhh! (more on that later!)


As soon as we got there we met up with M.C's buddy Georgia Kate. I was Georgia Kate's 4th Birthday and she got to go to the show because she quit sucking her thumb;Yay Georgia Kate!!!

She watched every minute like a hawk!!!!

Tinker Belle and her magic dust was her most favorite part of all!!!!!

Sheer Happiness....worth every dime I spent!

After the show we headed to Chuck-e-Cheese. This was Micah Claire's first trip ever, and possible her last;lol! That place was NUTS I tell ya. There were kids everywhere and they were all beyond hyped up.

Kinley had a blast sitting on the table watching all the action.

M.C. and G.K. had a blast, they played on everything in that place. And needless to say after this ride, my child feel out in tears because it was time to go. It was wayyyyyy past her nap time and she had a meltdown. Once in the car and buckled in...... she was out like a light! She is already asking me how many more days till the princess show comes back!