Thursday, May 5, 2011

Easter 2011

Yep, I'm still behind.. I'm just now getting time to post Easter pictures. I am beginning to think I may never catch up; how well that's life!

The Easter Bunny left both girls some super treats!And Mommy and Daddy got the girls this SUPER CUTE step stool! Thanks Ms. Courtney, Micah Claire LOVES her step stool!When M.C. woke it took her a minute to realize it was Easter morning. When she realized what day it was she said..... Momma I didn't see anything when I walked from my room to yours. I said, OH NO Claire bear, that's not good!!! She looked at me with the sweetest little look and said.... Momma I know I've been little bad, but surely the Easter Bunny didn't not come see me! I almost wet my pants when she said that. So we got up and went to see if we could find their baskets and we did. She was BEYOND excited to find it!She LOVED the electric princess tooth brush she got.And Kinley loved the toy keys that she got too!The she told me she saw the Easter bunny peaking in her window the night before and he actually hopped in her window and they played a game of Zingo. YES she's got quite the imagination;ha! It was perfect that she said that because it gave me a reason to say, well lets look outside and see what he might have done. When she saw the eggs on the tress she squealed... OH MY LORDY! I said what is it baby and she screamed.... He left Christmas Easter Eggs on all our tress. I don't think I've ever laughed so hard in my life. Christmas Easter Eggs......... now that's funny, I don't care who you are;ha!!!!!All 10 of our Pear Tress were loaded with Easter Eggs! It was a beautiful sight!And of course we had to get a picture by the trees!We had to get a few family pictures before church! Me and sweet girls!Poor Kinley just didn't feel good. She had a low grade fever all day Sunday. Poor daddy couldn't get a picture without her crying! After church it was off to Nana and Poppa's for an Easter egg hunt! And you can see she hit the ground running once we gave her the go ahead!She had a blast finding the eggs!She left no stone unturned and she shook every egg to make sure something was in it.

The she had to open every egg to see what was in it. And luckily Nana made sure there was either skittles or M&Ms in each egg; grandparents..uhhhhh;lol!