Friday, May 27, 2011

Momma will you.........

Way back in November Micah Claire watched her first ever Macy's Thanksgiving day parade. She was mesmerized by all the floats, and bands and cheering people. She looked at me with sweet eyes and said..... Momma will you take me there one day? And of course I promised her I would, but I made sure she knew it would be when she was much bigger before we went.

Then one day we were coming out of Wal-Mart just after it rained and a rainbow was in the sky. She again, so sweetly, asked if I would take over a rainbow one day. Yep.... I cried at that question! I told her if I could I would but that it wasn't possible.

Then my child got hooked on "the dancing show" aka Dancing with the stars and she asked again.... Momma will you take there one day. I told her that probably would never happen. Surprisingly she took the news well;ha!

Then her buddy Jace went to Disney world and she excited asked.....Momma will you take me and Kinley to Disney World one day. And of course she got a YES to that! I was 11 years old when I went and still remember everything about that place; it's truly the most magical place on earth!

Then one day as we were driving to school and went under the HSU walking bridge she asked.... Momma will take over that bridge one day. And of course I said yes!!! And last Sunday after church we headed to HSU to make that wish come true! She was so excited as we approached the bridge; she was asking a million questions about it and about going over it.

Cheese I love this picture; one little girl..... on big bridge!

She had a blast watching all the cars go by and then under the bridge.

At last we made it to the other side and she was ready to go back across it!

She didn't even want to take pictures by the water fountain......she wanted to go back across it again and again. (and why not it was only 95 degrees;ha!)

After we went back across the bridge we headed over to OBU to walk down the trail by the river. She had a blast there walking in the pavilion, over several little bridges and she even found an old swing.

And talked her sweet daddy into pushing her for a bit!

Over the brige wish GRANTED!!!!!! It maybe the cheapest and easiest wish I have to grant;lol!