Saturday, June 11, 2011

35 weeks....Hello Sweet Peas

Last Friday Kinley turned 35 weeks old. It was the first week that she's been born that I didn't take pictures of just her on that day. On Sunday when we got home from camping I realized it and immediately took her pictures. So technically these are her 35 weeks/2 days pictures;ha! I can't believe I made it this long without forgetting. Having two kidos is great but it really stretches your brain cells to the max;lol!

This is about the only good picture I got of her! She is non-stop these days and just doesn't have time to sit still and smile pretty for her momma any more ;)
Her top gums are swollen and she is gnawing on everything, so we really think we are about to cut some top teeth!I moved her down to the floor hoping she would put the passy down and take a picture but I was wrong.
So, then I take the passy away and get this picture; this dead stare at the passy till I gave it back.And she she was off to the music table. Mommy is just to boring these days, I guess!

One night last week we had sweet peas with dinner and I decided to give Kinley Bugs some and she LOOOOOOOOOOOOVED them!!!! I think she would have eaten an entire can, if I would have let her!Good til the last drop!!!!!