Saturday, June 11, 2011

36 weeks; Potatoes,Allergies,First Steps & Corn

Yesterday Kinley turned the big 36 weeks old (and Daddy turned 31; well post about that later!)!!!! This has been a fun, exciting, scary, sad, and happy week. NO I'm not losing my mind and I'm not bi-polar, ha ha, there has just been soooo much that happened this week.36 week picture with a magic marker in her mouth; we gotta be getting some top teeth soon I tell ya! Such a serious look from my sweet bugs!

And finally a smile with no marker in the mouth;yay Kinley!

Thursday and Friday I had conferences in Little Rock that lasted till later in the afternoon. So, my SUPER SWEET mother decided to cook dinner for us on Thursday since I wouldn't get home till late. She made us some pork chops, deviled eggs and gravy. So when I got home I made some mashed potatoes and sweet tea. We decided to feed Kinley a few bites of the mashed potatoes and she LOOOOVED them. As you can see from this picture she couldn't wait till she got the next bit of them. We let her play with her spoon and she dropped it on the floor, so.........

when she wanted another bite, daddy just gave her a bite of his spoon. No big deal right..... WRONG!!!!!!!!!!! Within seconds her mouth, chin and neck all turned red and whelped up. I about crapped my pants when I saw it. We were all so taken back at first, we couldn't figure out what was going on..... and then I said...... Oh S*** it's the eggs. Shawn just dropped his head and tears just started rolling down my face. I guess his fork some how, some way touched his deviled egg which touched her and caused the reaction.

I knew that she stood a good shot at having allergies due to our family history, but I was hoping and praying she wouldn't get them. But, all those hopes and prayers were to no avail. From all the doctors & allergists we seen and talked to, and all books I've read I knew I could lessen her chance of having them if she avoided them completely till 3 years of age. And that was my plan, but accidents happen. I am relieved that she didn't have to be popped with the epi pen, and I'm relieved it happened at home with us watching,but it breaks my heart to know she's got this dam allergy too. And as a mother we always feel responsible for happens to our kids, so for several days I was just so down on myself; but I'm better now and know there's now way on earth I could have prevented this allergy.

Tonight we were at my mom's housing playing around and about 5 minutes after this picture was taken my sweet Kinley bugs took her first step!!!!!!! Mom, M.C. and I were just laying in the floor and Kinley was standing up clapping and cooing. She took a step towards my mom and even though I saw it..... I just couldn't believe it. My mom just squealed which made Kinley stop. A few seconds later she took another step and then a few seconds later another one. It was just amazing!!!!! Mom said how old is she........ and I to stop and think..... and I said 8 months and 10 days old. And the weird/neat thing is that is EXACTLY how old Micah Claire was when she took her first step. Yep..... I cried like a freaking baby!!!!!

Tonight Kinley got to try some corn!

And she loved it to. This baby hasn't really found anything she doesn't like to eat!