Friday, June 17, 2011


Baby Cooper was still breach at Aunt Ashley's check up last week so her OBGYN decided to do a c-section this Thursday. Little did that doctor or any of us know that Mr. Cooper had his own plans. Aunt Ashley's water broke on Wednesday night; Cooper was ready to make his entrance. A little after 2am Cooper Powell Roberson entered this world!!!!! Micah Claire and Kinley are over the moon that they are now big cousins!!!!!

Here's the little man himself..... Mr. Cooper (who looks just like his beautiful mommy)! Precious and perfect in every way!!!! Welcome to this world and our family Cooper. We love more than words can say!!!!

Micah Claire was so excited to meet Cooper! She wanted to look at him a million times!MC and Uncle Eric ...... the new proud daddy! He told me he now believes in love at first sight and that melted my heart! Cooper your cousins (and really the rest of our family) is all crazy but you'll get use to it!

Poor Aunt Ashley has to eat a clear liquid diet for a day due to her c-section. Doesn't she look great!!!! She's gonna be the best mommy ever; Cooper is a lucky little guy!On the way out M.C. begged to have her picture taken in front of the fountain; imagine that;lol!And what could be better than getting a new baby cousin............... the new baby and his mommy and daddy moving back home!!!!!!!! Uncle Eric got transferred to Summit in Arkadelphia so they are moving back in a week! I am beside myself that they are coming home. I can't wait to see the girls and Cooper grow up together!

Daddy's Birthday

Last Friday Daddy turned 31!!!!! There are 74 very loooong days between my birthday and Shawn's birthday. For everyone one of these 74 days I have to hear.... "your older than me"... "my old lady"........ "momma's older than daddy,ha,ha,ha"and list goes on and on. But now we are back on the same page and those jokes have subsided... for the most part. Micah Claire had a blast drawing her daddy a huge birthday card! If you are wondering what it says in the parentheses, it says "Big Pimpin Willie!" Shawn has a customer who calls him "big pimpin." Ever since he's told me that I've been teasing him about and throwing "willie" in the mix with it. It tickles Micah Claire to hear me say and it and for her to call him that. When I wrote happy birthday Daddy on the card, she looked at me and said....."write big pimpin Wilie on there, he'll love it Momma!" And love it he did, it tickled him to pieces when she saw it Friday morning taped to his dinning room chair! Saturday Daddy got to spend the entire day and night at deer camp with all his buddies. We had a girls day planned for that Saturday!!! (it was suppose to be the next to the last weekend before Aunt Ashley became a momma! Let's just say it's a good thing we did that weekend because her water broke 3 days later!) All us girls went for Pediacures and lunch. Nana kept Kinley bugs but Micah Claire got to go with the big girls and she was SUPER excited! This picture of Aunt Ashley is the only one I got; we were too busy enjoying ourselves and gossiping, I mean catching up to take pictures;ha!

After lunch we headed to Nana's to make Daddy's birthday cake. M.C. loves to help cook and make things; so she was super excited to help!!!

And she was super excited to get to lick the beater

And lick she did; I don't think she missed a spot;lol! That's one cute icing face!

Daddy came home early Sunday morning and we had to get a few pictures in before church. You can so see in this picture how blonde Kinley's new hair is and how dark her old long hair is!Daddy and his sweet girls!Love it in Black and White!!!! Sunday night all my family got together to celebrate Daddy's bday! I just don't have the heart to tell M.C she's really out grown the baby swing;ha!

Kinley sitting with her sweet Daddy!MC had to tell Nana just how to put the candles on..... all 5 of them..... IDK why five; that's just how many MC wanted to put on there! MC was pumped to help Daddy blow out the candles on his lemon cake!

Nana thought we need to start teaching Kinley how to blow out the flame since her 1st birthday is just around the corner :(

Saturday, June 11, 2011

36 weeks; Potatoes,Allergies,First Steps & Corn

Yesterday Kinley turned the big 36 weeks old (and Daddy turned 31; well post about that later!)!!!! This has been a fun, exciting, scary, sad, and happy week. NO I'm not losing my mind and I'm not bi-polar, ha ha, there has just been soooo much that happened this week.36 week picture with a magic marker in her mouth; we gotta be getting some top teeth soon I tell ya! Such a serious look from my sweet bugs!

And finally a smile with no marker in the mouth;yay Kinley!

Thursday and Friday I had conferences in Little Rock that lasted till later in the afternoon. So, my SUPER SWEET mother decided to cook dinner for us on Thursday since I wouldn't get home till late. She made us some pork chops, deviled eggs and gravy. So when I got home I made some mashed potatoes and sweet tea. We decided to feed Kinley a few bites of the mashed potatoes and she LOOOOVED them. As you can see from this picture she couldn't wait till she got the next bit of them. We let her play with her spoon and she dropped it on the floor, so.........

when she wanted another bite, daddy just gave her a bite of his spoon. No big deal right..... WRONG!!!!!!!!!!! Within seconds her mouth, chin and neck all turned red and whelped up. I about crapped my pants when I saw it. We were all so taken back at first, we couldn't figure out what was going on..... and then I said...... Oh S*** it's the eggs. Shawn just dropped his head and tears just started rolling down my face. I guess his fork some how, some way touched his deviled egg which touched her and caused the reaction.

I knew that she stood a good shot at having allergies due to our family history, but I was hoping and praying she wouldn't get them. But, all those hopes and prayers were to no avail. From all the doctors & allergists we seen and talked to, and all books I've read I knew I could lessen her chance of having them if she avoided them completely till 3 years of age. And that was my plan, but accidents happen. I am relieved that she didn't have to be popped with the epi pen, and I'm relieved it happened at home with us watching,but it breaks my heart to know she's got this dam allergy too. And as a mother we always feel responsible for happens to our kids, so for several days I was just so down on myself; but I'm better now and know there's now way on earth I could have prevented this allergy.

Tonight we were at my mom's housing playing around and about 5 minutes after this picture was taken my sweet Kinley bugs took her first step!!!!!!! Mom, M.C. and I were just laying in the floor and Kinley was standing up clapping and cooing. She took a step towards my mom and even though I saw it..... I just couldn't believe it. My mom just squealed which made Kinley stop. A few seconds later she took another step and then a few seconds later another one. It was just amazing!!!!! Mom said how old is she........ and I to stop and think..... and I said 8 months and 10 days old. And the weird/neat thing is that is EXACTLY how old Micah Claire was when she took her first step. Yep..... I cried like a freaking baby!!!!!

Tonight Kinley got to try some corn!

And she loved it to. This baby hasn't really found anything she doesn't like to eat!

35 weeks....Hello Sweet Peas

Last Friday Kinley turned 35 weeks old. It was the first week that she's been born that I didn't take pictures of just her on that day. On Sunday when we got home from camping I realized it and immediately took her pictures. So technically these are her 35 weeks/2 days pictures;ha! I can't believe I made it this long without forgetting. Having two kidos is great but it really stretches your brain cells to the max;lol!

This is about the only good picture I got of her! She is non-stop these days and just doesn't have time to sit still and smile pretty for her momma any more ;)
Her top gums are swollen and she is gnawing on everything, so we really think we are about to cut some top teeth!I moved her down to the floor hoping she would put the passy down and take a picture but I was wrong.
So, then I take the passy away and get this picture; this dead stare at the passy till I gave it back.And she she was off to the music table. Mommy is just to boring these days, I guess!

One night last week we had sweet peas with dinner and I decided to give Kinley Bugs some and she LOOOOOOOOOOOOVED them!!!! I think she would have eaten an entire can, if I would have let her!Good til the last drop!!!!!

45 months old

Last Saturday Micah Claire turned 45 months old. She has already informed me that she wants a dalmatian party at school this year and a Dora party at home. She has started letting me know who she wants to invite and what presents she would really like. And she has asked me a MILLION times if she can have another pinata this year!

This child LOVES to color, cut with scissors, and tape anything and everything she can get her hands on! We asked her the other day what she wanted to be when she grew up and she told us she wanted to be a dentist. It pleased me that she set such high goals for herself but pains me to think of what it will cost us. But money is just that and I will do whatever I have to put her through medical school if I have to! So if you see me working weekends at McDonalds in about 16 know why;ha!

My sweet girl....who will be 4 years old in no time;YIKES!!!This is her favorite necklace in the world. Her friend Sarah Teed got it for her but it only says Micah on it. She asked me the other day if I could take it to WalMart and have them put Claire on it. It cracked me up! Poor kid at 3 1/2 years old already thinks WalMart is the best place around! She is such a camera ham!

Last week when Daddy opened the back door a turtle was sitting there. When he told Micah Claire she was soooo excited! We named he, she, it..... whatever it was..... Shelby... get it;lol! She wanted to keep Shelby forever and was super sad when we had to let "it" go later that day!

Last Sunday we went to Taylor's Bday party. In the take home goody bag was a bag of popcorn with raisins and M&M's and apparently some peanuts. Poor MC didn't realize it and she ate one and she immediately started having a reaction. She had red whelps and white bumps all over her and she was scratching herself like crazy. Luckily we had no breathing issues so no epi pen was needed; just a big dose of Benedryl. She is going to the allergist in a few days for her big test; I am soooo dreading having to hold her down while they do all those darn back sticks. I know it's very necessary but it still sucks for all of us to have to do it!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

School Pics

A few weeks ago Micah Claire had her first school pictures! She was so excited to have them done and was even more excited that she got to bring Kinley bugs along to take pictures with. I wasn't expecting the pictures to be that great but I was pleasantly surprised at how cute they were and I wanted to share them with ya! And no, I'm not breaking any copyright laws because I bought them all ;) Yep I'm a sucker for picutres! I love this super sweet and innocent smile!

My two precious girls!
Kinley bugs even did a great job taking pics!

Love these chubby round cheeks!!!!

I can't believe how fast this little girl is growing. Some days I wish I could just hit the "pause" button and keep her little forever!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Camping Trip=Picture OVERLOAD

Last Tuesday we packed up and headed to DeGray Lake for our first camping as a family of four!

My girls in the super cute matching polk-a-dot bathing suits!The first day the water was beyond cold. We tried to talk M.C. into only putting her feet in but she wasn't having it, she wanted in!My super cute hubs in his super stylish life jacket;ha!The love I have for my child is the ONLY reason I got into this freezing cold water! Kinley bugs had a great time playing on the boat!

She bounced so much she sprung a spring in her exersaucer and daddy had to fix it!
M.C. had a blast painting her finger nails..... and anybody else who was brave enough to let her do theirs;lol!

Thursday we spent the morning at the beach..... and of course I had to do the "write their names in the sand."

Some how the sand at DeGray just isn't like of Destin sand :( I am sad we didn't do our annual trip to Destin this year, but she still had a blast at DeGray! M.C. and daddy having a ball at the beach
She even scored a ride in the "deep water!" She thought she was such a big girl!

My little sweetie pie had a blast playing on the beach

and the swing..... and then she passed out in the shade and took an hour long nap while mommy laid out!

Kinley bugs crawled all over the party barge! She is non-stop these days!

Daddy and his little girl..... LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

M.C.'s buddy Taylor came out Thursday afternoon for a boat ride and swim!
Aren't they cute as a bug!

Taylor and her Daddy getting a turn driving the boat! I love this little girl and her sweet family; they are awesome!!! And Friday Aunt Paige came!!!!!!! She brought M.C. tons of bubbles and bubble gum. She is the BEST AUNT EVER!!!!!!
We love you Aunt Paige! Thanks so much for taking time out of your schedule to come hang with us!!!!!

M.C. had a blast swimming with Aunt Paige and riding on her raft! Two beautiful girls!!!! Later that afternoon we went for a boat ride and both girls passed smooth out for 2 hours. Daddy and I didn't know what to do with so much alone time and peace and quite!

M.C. singing in the tub....yes you guessed it... she was singing Baby by Justin Bieber; I am soooo ready for this beaver fever to break!!!!!

She tried to teach Bugs how to sing into the shower head but sister just wanted to lick it;ha!

Every night we made yummy smores!!! Can ya tell M.C. really liked them;lol!

That's one chocolate face!

Daddy even got a little messy with his smores too!

Daddy thought it was only fair to get me eating my smore too!

M.C. was so excited to go tubing. The first attempt went terribly wrong and was super scary for this momma! So.......
we decided to just sit on the tube and ride VERY slowly! M.C. had a blast riding with Ms. Debbie too!

Mommy and Daddy even got in on the tubing fun too!Saturday Kinley got her first real swim in DeGray and she LOVED IT!!!!!!!Poppa ran and jumped off the top of the party barge which made a loud noise and big splash and that kinda scared Kinley for a minute!We had a great 6 days at the Lake! Although it was hot and there were tons of spiders and bugs it was a wonderful experience. Kinley was great, she never got fussy(unless you were putting her life jacket on), she just went with the flow. And Micah Claire had a blast doing everything and anything she wanted to do. And she got to drink a diet sprite everyday for lunch, which she thought was the coolest thing ever! Daddy and I put the girls to bed and stayed up and talked for hours every night; something we haven't got to do in a long time! We had a lot of good friends and family come and visit, which made the trip even better! I so am ready for our next camping trip!!!!!!