Monday, June 6, 2011

Camping Trip=Picture OVERLOAD

Last Tuesday we packed up and headed to DeGray Lake for our first camping as a family of four!

My girls in the super cute matching polk-a-dot bathing suits!The first day the water was beyond cold. We tried to talk M.C. into only putting her feet in but she wasn't having it, she wanted in!My super cute hubs in his super stylish life jacket;ha!The love I have for my child is the ONLY reason I got into this freezing cold water! Kinley bugs had a great time playing on the boat!

She bounced so much she sprung a spring in her exersaucer and daddy had to fix it!
M.C. had a blast painting her finger nails..... and anybody else who was brave enough to let her do theirs;lol!

Thursday we spent the morning at the beach..... and of course I had to do the "write their names in the sand."

Some how the sand at DeGray just isn't like of Destin sand :( I am sad we didn't do our annual trip to Destin this year, but she still had a blast at DeGray! M.C. and daddy having a ball at the beach
She even scored a ride in the "deep water!" She thought she was such a big girl!

My little sweetie pie had a blast playing on the beach

and the swing..... and then she passed out in the shade and took an hour long nap while mommy laid out!

Kinley bugs crawled all over the party barge! She is non-stop these days!

Daddy and his little girl..... LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

M.C.'s buddy Taylor came out Thursday afternoon for a boat ride and swim!
Aren't they cute as a bug!

Taylor and her Daddy getting a turn driving the boat! I love this little girl and her sweet family; they are awesome!!! And Friday Aunt Paige came!!!!!!! She brought M.C. tons of bubbles and bubble gum. She is the BEST AUNT EVER!!!!!!
We love you Aunt Paige! Thanks so much for taking time out of your schedule to come hang with us!!!!!

M.C. had a blast swimming with Aunt Paige and riding on her raft! Two beautiful girls!!!! Later that afternoon we went for a boat ride and both girls passed smooth out for 2 hours. Daddy and I didn't know what to do with so much alone time and peace and quite!

M.C. singing in the tub....yes you guessed it... she was singing Baby by Justin Bieber; I am soooo ready for this beaver fever to break!!!!!

She tried to teach Bugs how to sing into the shower head but sister just wanted to lick it;ha!

Every night we made yummy smores!!! Can ya tell M.C. really liked them;lol!

That's one chocolate face!

Daddy even got a little messy with his smores too!

Daddy thought it was only fair to get me eating my smore too!

M.C. was so excited to go tubing. The first attempt went terribly wrong and was super scary for this momma! So.......
we decided to just sit on the tube and ride VERY slowly! M.C. had a blast riding with Ms. Debbie too!

Mommy and Daddy even got in on the tubing fun too!Saturday Kinley got her first real swim in DeGray and she LOVED IT!!!!!!!Poppa ran and jumped off the top of the party barge which made a loud noise and big splash and that kinda scared Kinley for a minute!We had a great 6 days at the Lake! Although it was hot and there were tons of spiders and bugs it was a wonderful experience. Kinley was great, she never got fussy(unless you were putting her life jacket on), she just went with the flow. And Micah Claire had a blast doing everything and anything she wanted to do. And she got to drink a diet sprite everyday for lunch, which she thought was the coolest thing ever! Daddy and I put the girls to bed and stayed up and talked for hours every night; something we haven't got to do in a long time! We had a lot of good friends and family come and visit, which made the trip even better! I so am ready for our next camping trip!!!!!!