Friday, June 17, 2011

Daddy's Birthday

Last Friday Daddy turned 31!!!!! There are 74 very loooong days between my birthday and Shawn's birthday. For everyone one of these 74 days I have to hear.... "your older than me"... "my old lady"........ "momma's older than daddy,ha,ha,ha"and list goes on and on. But now we are back on the same page and those jokes have subsided... for the most part. Micah Claire had a blast drawing her daddy a huge birthday card! If you are wondering what it says in the parentheses, it says "Big Pimpin Willie!" Shawn has a customer who calls him "big pimpin." Ever since he's told me that I've been teasing him about and throwing "willie" in the mix with it. It tickles Micah Claire to hear me say and it and for her to call him that. When I wrote happy birthday Daddy on the card, she looked at me and said....."write big pimpin Wilie on there, he'll love it Momma!" And love it he did, it tickled him to pieces when she saw it Friday morning taped to his dinning room chair! Saturday Daddy got to spend the entire day and night at deer camp with all his buddies. We had a girls day planned for that Saturday!!! (it was suppose to be the next to the last weekend before Aunt Ashley became a momma! Let's just say it's a good thing we did that weekend because her water broke 3 days later!) All us girls went for Pediacures and lunch. Nana kept Kinley bugs but Micah Claire got to go with the big girls and she was SUPER excited! This picture of Aunt Ashley is the only one I got; we were too busy enjoying ourselves and gossiping, I mean catching up to take pictures;ha!

After lunch we headed to Nana's to make Daddy's birthday cake. M.C. loves to help cook and make things; so she was super excited to help!!!

And she was super excited to get to lick the beater

And lick she did; I don't think she missed a spot;lol! That's one cute icing face!

Daddy came home early Sunday morning and we had to get a few pictures in before church. You can so see in this picture how blonde Kinley's new hair is and how dark her old long hair is!Daddy and his sweet girls!Love it in Black and White!!!! Sunday night all my family got together to celebrate Daddy's bday! I just don't have the heart to tell M.C she's really out grown the baby swing;ha!

Kinley sitting with her sweet Daddy!MC had to tell Nana just how to put the candles on..... all 5 of them..... IDK why five; that's just how many MC wanted to put on there! MC was pumped to help Daddy blow out the candles on his lemon cake!

Nana thought we need to start teaching Kinley how to blow out the flame since her 1st birthday is just around the corner :(