Friday, June 17, 2011


Baby Cooper was still breach at Aunt Ashley's check up last week so her OBGYN decided to do a c-section this Thursday. Little did that doctor or any of us know that Mr. Cooper had his own plans. Aunt Ashley's water broke on Wednesday night; Cooper was ready to make his entrance. A little after 2am Cooper Powell Roberson entered this world!!!!! Micah Claire and Kinley are over the moon that they are now big cousins!!!!!

Here's the little man himself..... Mr. Cooper (who looks just like his beautiful mommy)! Precious and perfect in every way!!!! Welcome to this world and our family Cooper. We love more than words can say!!!!

Micah Claire was so excited to meet Cooper! She wanted to look at him a million times!MC and Uncle Eric ...... the new proud daddy! He told me he now believes in love at first sight and that melted my heart! Cooper your cousins (and really the rest of our family) is all crazy but you'll get use to it!

Poor Aunt Ashley has to eat a clear liquid diet for a day due to her c-section. Doesn't she look great!!!! She's gonna be the best mommy ever; Cooper is a lucky little guy!On the way out M.C. begged to have her picture taken in front of the fountain; imagine that;lol!And what could be better than getting a new baby cousin............... the new baby and his mommy and daddy moving back home!!!!!!!! Uncle Eric got transferred to Summit in Arkadelphia so they are moving back in a week! I am beside myself that they are coming home. I can't wait to see the girls and Cooper grow up together!


Ashley said...

Such a sweet post! Love it :)