Saturday, July 2, 2011

The 38th week just flew bye....

Last week was one of those weeks that are so jammed pack they just fly right by. Wednesday Kinley Bugs started to a new daycare. Her old daycare closes for the summer, so for the last 5 weeks she's been at home getting lots of attention from nana, Ms. Meredith and Ms. Brittany. I was super worried it would be a huge change for her to back to that environment. But, I was wrong. As soon as we walked in she lite up, she loved all the fun toys and all the babies. She went from toy to toy and baby to baby. I stayed for at 15 mins and she payed me no mine. The worker joking said..... are you waiting for her to cry. I laughed and said no, but I really thought she would. I told her bye and gave her a kiss and she waved and said bye-bye and went right back to having fun. I was surprised but very relieved! She is going 2 days a week and so far, so good!

And of course we had to take a picture on our first day of a new daycare!And of course M.C. couldn't stand to not be in the picture;lol My sweet bugs!

Thursday Ms. Jessica came to our house to take Mr. Cooper's newborn pics. Can ya tell Aunt Ashley is totally in love with this little peanut...... pretty obvious huh!He is just beyond precious and perfect!Micah Claire is just fascinated with him! I can't tell you how many times in the last 2 weeks she has said.... Momma we need to have a sweet baby boy like Cooper. I tear up every time she says it. I told her if we can talk daddy into having another baby period we'll be doing good;ha! Uncle Eric got him some sweet kisses from the Bugs!
Last week Kinley got her first taste of strawberries and she loved them. Her poor bottom wasn't such a fan at first; they gave her, her very first diaper rash :(On Friday she turned 38 weeks old. She is on the go these days; I can't get a picture of her sitting still at all.This baby squats ALLLLLLL the time; it's so funny to watch. Instead of sitting down to play she just squats. She took her first few steps two weeks ago but hasn't really done much since then. And of course we had to beat the Friday heat by getting in the pool. This baby is just like her big sister..... she loves the water!

After Ms Jessica took Cooper's pictures we all loaded up and went to eat dinner. Uncle Eric bought MC this super cool bubble gun. She blew bubbles all day Friday and Kinley would just squeal; precious memories. Thanks Uncle Eric!

Saturday morning everybody was up bright and early and for good reason..... it was the day Aunt Ashley, Uncle Eric and Cooper were moving home!!!!!! Poor daddy was beat from the long day of moving so he didn't get to go Maggie Grace's birthday party that night.
First the kidos got play on the park. And of course MC fell and scrapped her knee... the knee that had just healed from her fall during our camping trip. Luckily Ms. Marsha had a first aide-kit and fixed her right up.

Sweet G.K!!!!M.C. and Taylor ( Taylor got 10 inches cut off her hair last week so now MC is really begging me to let her get her hair cut off....... but I just can't do it)MC and her sweet buddy Eliona (don't think I even kinda spelled that right). Her momma is MC's preschool teacher. We are soooo sad that they are moving to China at the end of this month. And bugs had a good time hanging with Ms. Randi. (when Randi and I started becoming friends she was adamant that she was NEVER having another child; but I really Kinley has been wearing on her because the other day she said something like...... "if I had another one"......)After play time all the kidos played pin the tail on the fairy, they got their own set of fairy wings and they even got to decorate their own cupcakes! They were told to leave their cupcakes because something magical may happen to them.

Taylor Loves Kinley and always wants to hold her! See Ms Randi... Taylor is ready to be a big sister;lol!

Then the kidos got to go a hay ride. MC was so excited, this was her very first hayride. It told us on the invitation that we would be going on one. She asked me for a week about the hayride. She wasn't really sure what one was, but she knew she had read about one in one of her Halloween books . She kept asking me if it was going to be spooky;ha! For the first few mins of the ride she had a death grip on Ms. Alissa's! But the she chilled out and had a blast!

When we got back from the hayride they let the kids so sparklers, This was the first time MC got to do one by herself. It made me a little nervous, but she did really good! When it was time to go they went back inside and something magical happened to their cupcakes.... they all sprouted flowers. MC told me somebody must have sprinkled magic fairy dust on them and they grew flowers; too cute!