Sunday, July 10, 2011

Baseball, Big Girl, & Bye-Byes

Yesterday we headed to Gurdon to watch cousin Colton's Small Town All Stars Game. Even though it was an early morning game it was already in the upper 90's when we got there. Luckily Colton's team had a tent set up with a big fan to keep us kinda cool!MC loves Emily & was super excited to see her! After the game we headed to Burger Barn for some good food and good family time! Later that day my Dad stopped by to see the girls. He's been super busy these last two Friday's and hasn't had time to stop bye. At this age Kinley forgets people so quickly so I was nervous she wasn't going to let him hold her, but as soon as he walked in she went straight to him and gave him a big hug and patted him on the back; precious memories!!!!And then this morning came...... a day I have dreaded since this time last year. Shawn had to leave for TCU for almost 2 weeks. This will be his 3rd and final year because he graduates this year!!!!! The last two years MC was young enough to not really realize what was happening; but this year she knew exactly what was going on and she wasn't happy at all! She didn't want her daddy to go at all. She hugged and kissed him a million times, asked "how many days will you be gone," and begged him not to go. I just about broke Shawn's heart. My sweet girls in their summer watermelon dresses; too stinking cute!!!!Before Daddy left, he took Kinley's baby car seat out and put her big girl car seat in! It makes me so happy to see her growing up but it also pains me to think about how fast she's growing up. She was super excited to get to ride to church in her new big girl car seat; as you can see!

LOVE THIS..............True sisterly love......... Melts My Heart into a puddle!!!!!