Friday, July 8, 2011

The BIG Forty!!!!!!

Today our Kinley bugs is the BIG FORTY.... 40 weeks old that is!!! We had her 9 month check up this morning and she was 19#130z and 27 inches long...growing like a weed I tell ya! Her clogged tear duct is completely opened so there will be NO SURGERY!!!!! PRAISE THE LORD!!!! Dr. Ward said she looked great and is growing well. It's pretty near impossible to get her to sit still these days; as soon as I sit her down she either crawls away, stands up or sometimes even walks off.....such a busy body!!!Out of 37 frames on the swing.... This is the ONLY picture I got that she was still and looking at the camera......exhausting for this photographer..... I mean momma!!!I tried again to get her to sit still in side but as soon as I got the camera up..... she was gone; so...Micah Claire decided she would "show" Kinley just how to sit and smile for the camera; cracked me up...... you see Kinley was watching too and..........apparently it worked because she went back of there and sat for one whole picture; hey, I'll take what I can get;ha!

And of course MC had to have a few pictures by herself

and then some on the front porch swing too!

My two girls...... it's a miracle that I got them to sit still,smile and look at the camera all by myself! Yay mom!!!!MC saw Dr Lu 2 weeks and we had our food allergies all retested and tested for outdoor allergies for the first time. She reacted to EVERY outdoor thing possible, which we suspected was going to happen. But we were surprised and thrilled that she didn't react so badly to the egg. Dr. Lu said it may have been 1) because the test is the "Whole" egg and she's only allergic to egg whites and/or 2. she is starting to outgrow it (WHICH WOULD BE AWESOME!!!!!) She told us to continue to keep eggs from her diet for another year and we will retest again next year and if we get the same results or even better results she can be released to eat eggs!!!! But we where SHOCKED to see how bad she reacted to the peanut. Dr. Lu said NO PEANUTS and NO PEANUT products and told us to always have her epi pen handy because she reacted so bad to it. She also told us that most people don't outgrow peanut allergies like they outgrow milk and egg allergies. She also cleared MC to finally get her MMR shot and told us we would try the flu shot in 4 small doses this fall. So today was the day we decided to go and get her MMR shot. She was SOOOOOO excited to get it (bless her heart she really had no idea what was about to happen)! She ate her goldfish and told everybody who came into my office what was about to happen. They were all shocked at how excited she was; I told them all to wait just a few mins till it was actually time and her tune would probably change;lol!

She got very nervous when nurse Kathy made her sit a certain way and made me hold her tightly. Then when she went to swab her arm with a cotton ball and alcohol....... my sweet baby lost it. She started crying and begging me to not make her do it. We had to stop and have a small talk about behaving and not causing a scene. That worked for about 10 seconds and then she started crying again.... she didn't know it but nurse Kathy gave her the shot while I was "readjusting her in my lap." I just started laughing and said it's already over silly goose. She just stopped and stared at her arm and then smiled! And she was SUPER excited that she got a Dora band-aide!!! Her next shots are in just a few weeks when she turns 4 and I'm already dreading it..... she has to get 3 then......booooooo!