Saturday, July 2, 2011

Father's Day Weekend

Yes, Father's Day was 2 weeks ago; and Yes I'm behind on blogging again: so it's time to play catch-up! Saturday night before Father's Day we took Papaw Barry out to dinner at Burger Barn. Micah Claire had a blast and she got her first taste of grilled shrimp! She LOVED IT!!! She ate all 6 of Papaw's shrimp and 4 of her daddy's! She was so excited to give him his father's day coffee mug with her and Kinley's pictures all over it. I don't think he even tore one piece of the tape off the box before she spilled the beans about what it was!!!!!

Sunday morning she was busting at the seems to give daddy one of his presents. She had known for 8 days what he was getting and it was KILLING her to keep it a secret. Everyday she asked me if we could tell yet. I had to threaten her everyday that if she told him ANYTHING about his gift I would sale her circus tickets. And some how some way that worked and she kept the secret!!!!!

Daddy loved the huge glittery card that MC picked out for him. I asked her what she wanted to say on the card and she wanted to say:

Dear Daddy, Happy Father's Day, I love you. I wish you could get your old black truck back and I wish I could take a shower with you. Love Micah Claire. He read it over and over and laughed every time!!!

Kinley liked the card too and wanted it for herself!

Then we took Daddy out to eat breakfast at Cracker Barrel before Church. To say Kinley loves cold water is an understatement....... the child is totally addicted to it. And she loved it when Daddy gave her some from his straw!

That's one happy girl!

Sunday after church we loaded the boat up and hit the lake with Nana and Poppa. We had a great time and I had intentions of great lots of great pictures but my camera died as soon as tired to take the first picture :(

My girls are so blessed to have a wonderful Daddy, Papaw and Poppa Stan! These men love my girls to much and all ways take the time to show and tell them that, and that means the world to me!

The Friday of Father's Day Kinley turned 37 weeks old.

She LOVES to play patty-cake and peek-a-boo these days!