Saturday, July 23, 2011


Wednesday morning me, the girls and my mom loaded up and headed to Fort Worth for Daddy's Graduation. We stopped in Mt Pleasant for lunch at a Burger King that had a huge indoor playground. MC was very impressed with the indoor playground!

My dancing girl!!!

And then she busted into Baby....yep....she still has "beaver" fever!

Then after a 4hour drive we were there! Both the girls were thrilled to finally get to see their daddy!Daddy's graduation was held at the Omni in downtown Fort worth. Our room had a great view from the 8Th floor! The girls had a ball playing in the big glass window. Too Stinking Cute!!! Such Love!!!!

Then it was time to head to graduation; MC was super excited to go see her Daddy walk across the stage! But.............

poor Kinley bugs on the other hand was not a happy camper. Bless her heart she is getting 4 top teeth in all at the same time, she has a terrible diaper rash because my dentist put me on a strong antibiotic to help prevent a root canal, and she's still behind schedule from all the sleep we lost while Daddy was gone and our camping trip. Even with lots of Tylenol and Ibuprofen she still wasn't happy :(

Daddy in super cute graduation garb!

And a quick family pic just before we headed down to graduation!Daddy was the first graduate to be called! Daddy getting his degree!!!!!! YEA Daddy we are so proud of you and all your hard work!!!!!
And before we checked out.......... MC had to go up and down the escalator one more time!

We decided to spend Thursday in Dallas having some family fun. Our first stop was to the Polar Ice House at Grapevine Mills Mall! MC was sooooooo excited to ice skate for the first time!

heading down to the rink.........

This was both daddy and MC's first ice skating experience..... I'm not sure which one of them was the most nervous;lol!

Look at that smile....worth every penny!!!!

Daddy wasn't too keen on the ice skating so we switched and I hit the ice with MC. It was THE MOST FUN I've ever had with MC!

Daddy took this pic through the outer glass so it's a little blurry...... But this woman was ice skating in the middle and doing some little tricks. I said.... Micah Claire watch that girl; and she said..... she's not a girl momma she's a Disney Princess on Ice; I almost wet my pants!

And then headed to the aquariumMC was fascinated by all the sting rays Too cute!

This place was great! So interactive and educational for the little kids, and even us big kids.

And yesterday Kinley bugs turned 42 two weeks old.She is climbing on and up everything these days. She loves to climb up her step stool and into the fridge.And it doesn't help that she has a partner in crime pushing her to do these things;lol! Peek-a-boo!


Burtons Blessings said...

So cute! They are getting so big so fast! Congrats to Shawn!