Friday, July 22, 2011

More Fun at the lake....

Last Friday was a busy day for us! We started out by taking Kinley's weekly pictures. She was 41 weeks old!Love this precious face!!!!She is getting to be such a big girl these days! This week she started playing patty-cake and giving BIG open mouth kisses when asked.....sometimes she even tries to slip ya the tongue;ha! It's so precious that the drool doesn't even bother me!Papaw Barry came. Numerous people tell that Kinley favors him and I've NEVER thought she had until I saw this picture. They have the same shape face and eyes.....but I still wont stay their twins;lol!

Group pic..... I took 4 and NEVER got them all to look at the same time! Kinley finally decided to show Papaw her walking skills and he was super impressed!

And this week Kinley bugs got to eat a cucumber and she loved it!!!! After nap time we loaded up and headed for the lake!My Aunt Declan came and brought her granddaughter Gabrielle! MC was SUPER excited to get to see her; they haven't seen each other since last summer! Aren't they cutie pies!!!!And Gabrielle was overly excited to finally meet Kinley bugs!These 3 enjoyed every min together!!!!They sang, they danced, the name it they did it!Friday Night Aunt Ash, Uncle Eric and Cooper came by....and of course Mr. Cooper was the center of attention!Saturday Aunt Paige came to spend the day with us and she had to get some snuggles in during Kinley's nap time!Uncle Eric came back and was our driver for the day. LOVE this shot Eric got of Gabrielle jumping of the barge......pricelessEven Uncle Eric did a few jumpsMC and sweet Aunt Paige!Cheese!!!!Kinley bugs sporting Poppa's Farm Bureau hatMy Sweet baby was having a blast swinging at the park. Right after this picture she decided to swing in my lap. We had been leaning back and as we set up she slid right down my legs and fell face first into the ground. It scared us all to death..... I really thought she broke her nose and/or knocked a tooth out. There was a ton of blood but after we got that to stop we were only left with a few scrapes...praise the Lord!Lucky for us Aunt Declan the nurse went right to work cleaning MC up and putting medicine on her face. MC was so brave, she hardly cried at all!!Sunday Poppa came out to drive us around on the lake and of course MC had to have a turn driving with PoppaMaking snow angles.....minus the snow;lolMC played for about 30 mins and then crashed for 2 hours on the boat. And Kinley bugs played for a little while, ate lunch and then............She crashed on the boat for over an hour....... My tired little girls; just totally worn out! Gabrielle was such a dare devil......nothing scared her at all. She even got up on both knees with both hands up while tubing.........AND THEN.............

They hit a huge wave and about wiped out!