Sunday, July 31, 2011

Our Polkie-Dotie Girl

Kinley started getting fussy and irritable the night of Shawn's graduation. I just chalked it up to her cutting 4 new teeth....... but of course I was wrong. Sunday morning at 2 am she woke and was burning up. Her fever wouldn't' get under 100 for anything for three straight days. On Tuesday it was 103-105 at all times, no matter how many cold baths we gave or alternating Tylenol and Ibuprofen every few hours. I knew something wasn't right so I called the doctor on my way home from work on Tuesday and got her an appointment for early Wednesday morning. About 20 mins after I made that call my mom called and said.... Kinley's fever broke but she has "a few red bumps on her belly." We by the time I made it home less than an hour later she had numerous bumps all over her belly and back......FREAKED ME OUT!!!! By the time morning rolled about she was covered all over. When Micah Claire saw her she squealed.... Momma she's all polkie-dotie. Cracked me up! Dr. Rucker told us she had Roseola. I had never even heard of it. She pulled out her medical book and showed me the pics and told me all about it. And it was word for word and picture for picture what she had. It's a virus that makes a baby have very high fever for 3-5 days and when the fever breaks the rash immediately starts. She told us she was no longer contagious once the rash started (Weird I thought but then again I'm not the doctor;lol!) She told us the rash could possibly get worse for up to 7 days and then fade away. And boy was she got much worse. It was in her ears,her mouth and even in between her toes. But by Friday morning they were starting to disappear and by Sunday they were almost all gone!

This is how it started... just a few red bumps.....little did we know what it would turn into.

Bless her heart, she scratched and rubbed every part of her body all week; so sad! Her mouth hurt so bad from the bumps and the new teeth that she hardly ate all week; and when she would eat she would only eat cold, soft foods or she would nurse.

This baby slept and slept if you held her; heaven forbid if you laid her down. It was very tiresome for Mommy, Daddy and Nana but very necessary for our Sweet Kinley Bugs to rest comfortably!

Here is on Friday with just a few red bumps left on her face. She's officially 43 weeks old!

Last night I ran my first 5 K with Paige! It was extremely hot and extremely tiresome but I finished and I ran every step of it. I swore when I crossed that line that it was my first and last 5K but today I am already planning on my next one.

Check us out Paige, we even made the local paper ;)