Monday, July 4, 2011

There's No Better Way..........

Today my big girl turned 46 months old; only two more months and she will be 4 years old..... and what better way to celebrate than with Family, Food, Fun and Fireworks!!!!!!

Yesterday we grilled at Nana's and the big kids played bag-o so of course M.C. had to get a few tosses in. Uncle Eric has taught her to step and throw..... but I'm not sure where she picked up the "sticking of the tongue" part;ha!MC spent the ENTIRE day and night glued to Uncle Eric's side..... she is smitten with him these days!
MC rocked Poppa's big ear "plugs" as she called them) while we did fireworks

And of course she had to sit in Uncle Eric's lap to watch them (sorry Aunt've most definitely been replaced)

IDK what happened to my flash in this picture.... but I still had to show Kinley trying to take MC's popsicle

And today we loaded up the boat bright and early and hit DeGray Lake. MC insisted she drive and she did a pretty dang good job! She LOVVVVVVVVVVVES to get up on the top deck; she thinks she is such the big girl when she gets up there.
MC and Poppa!

Sweet Kisses for Poppa!

My little fish; she is so ready to be able to swim without her ear plugs. We have to really watch her because she likes to tell us they "fell out"..... but really she loosens them and then they "fall out."

Can ya take a wild guess what she was singing while I took this picture.....Babe.....Yep her "Beaver Fever" has yet to break;lol!

Me and my girls. Poor Kinley is in the process of cutting 4 top teeth ALLLLL at one time and she wasn't very happy in the water this morning; so after this picture she just hung out on the boat with Nana.

MC even talked Nana into tubing with her.And and Daddy was super sweet enough to stay with Kinley bugs so me and MC could go watch the fireworks at DeGray.We were fortunate enough to run into Maggie Grace and her sweet family. These two girls had a blast running up and the beach, eating skittles, and watching the fire works!!

MG and MC waiting for the fireworks to start! Two cutie pies!!!