Monday, August 1, 2011

10 Months Old Already

I swear it seem likes just yesterday I was posting that Kinley was 10 weeks old and here I am doing her 10 month post! It doesn't seem right I tell ya, it shouldn't have flown by this fast. We are heading towards the BIG FIRST BIRTHDAY full steam ahead. We have got our birthday party outfit picked out, the cake, the decorations and last week I finally made a decision on her first birthday pictures and that session as been booked. Phew...... this birthday stuff is exhausting. My husband says just get a cake, a candle and some ice cream and invite the family over and that's all that's required. MEN......... They just don't' get all the work and planning goes into these "little" parties;lol!She has found her bouncy zebra this week and she looooooves to ride it and loves the music and flashing lights it has! She has really turned into a little dancer this week; when she hears music she she immediately starts dancing and clapping!This weekend I started packing up the clothes Kinley has outgrown and putting up the baby car seat, stroller, bouncy seat and YES it was VERY emotional. Kinley hasn't paid any attention to some of this stuff in months but she has now decided she loves her old bouncy seat. She loves to put her toys in, play with the hanging toys on it and even crawl into it. So... I left it out for her to play with!

Yesterday before church I caught her blowing kisses like crazy; it was precious!