Saturday, August 27, 2011

Micah Claire's Minnie Mouse Party!!!!!

Micah Claire's 4th birthday is still a week away but we had her party today. Her birthday is always on Labor Day weekend and her friends are usually out of town and can't make her party; so this year we moved it up so they could all come.IDK why this picture is sideways...uhhh.. but anyways I was super proud of myself and MC for making these Minnie Mouse invitations. It took a lot longer to get it all together and get it made so we only had time to make them for the kidos at school. MC was so proud of them! We glittered all the kids' names on the ears of the invitations.

This morning Ms. Brandi delivered our super cute Minnie Mouse cake! Thanks Ms. Brandi it was PERFECT and YUMMY!!!!!

She couldn't wait to get near it!

And she LOVED the super cute Minnie Mouse Ms. Tracy made her!Me and my soon-to-be 4 year old!!!Daddy and she favorite big girl!We had hot pink, black and white tissue balls on the tables (big thanks to Ms. Meredith for making them for us!!!).And I even made this Happy Birthday Minnie Mouse banner. I know it's nothing fancy... but for me to do anything creative and it turn out even kinda cute.... is a freaking miracle!The present table And the food table

Family picture! (Kinley was up last night from 2:30am to 5am so she was super tired and slept for over an hour and missed the family pic)

MC and her Mimi

MC and cousin Colton

and cousin Emily!

And of course Ms. Kayln.... MC's best buddy!

And a group shot; such a sweet and cute group of kidos!

Then it was time for cake and ice cream.... what MC had been waiting for since 6am this morning!

Such concentration and dedication to getting those candles blown out!

After opening was time for the Pinata!!! Micah Claire has been waiting for this moment since she busted open her Zebra pinata last year.

Maggie Grace getting her turn

And then Jace

And then Cooper; I love this pic;he was sooo into it!

And little Ms. Georgia Kate took a sweet, soft little swing at it

And then Taylor gave it go

All the little kidos got two turns and then we let the bigger girls have at it. When that pinata busted and candy went flying those kids went nuts squealing and screaming; it was truly priceless!

MC couldn't wait to get her Minnie Mouse balloons in her room!

And then moments later...... she crashed for 2 1/2 hours!

She got two super cute pair of pj's and she couldn't wait to put one pair on tonight and she told me she would wear her other one tomorrow night!

Thanks to all our wonderful friends and family for helping us celebrate Micah Claire's 4th birthday!


Cindy said...

Such a SUPER CUTE party!!! Looks like yall had a great time! (and I'm oh so glad to not be seeing you know who's face on your blog anymore;lol!!!!)