Sunday, August 14, 2011

A week together

Micah Claire's school was closed this last week so she got to go to Kinley's daycare. She had a great time and made a bunch of new wonderful friends. She was so excited to be with Kinley, her teacher took her every afternoon to check on Kinley and she loved it! She reported to me every afternoon was Kinley Bugs was doing when she "went to spy on her" as she said;lol! 45 week pics; can't believe her 1st birthday is less than 6 weeks away!!!

My sweet girls...... My sweet girls blowing kisses!

Friday MC's class had a circus party and MC wanted to so go bad so I let her. I had a ton of stuff to get done for both their birthday parties so I went ahead and sent Kinley too. I was the first Friday I have spent away from her since she's been born. It was weird to be all alone but I got sooo much done and even made back in time for the circus party! Each kid got a circus box with candy, a stuffed animal, clown gloves,nose and glasses.

My little clown!
And Kinley bugs loved the clown glasses too!!!!

She is walking everywhere and she's so good at it that she now is carrying things with her as she walks. She carries this yellow bucket almost all the time and it's just too cute!