Friday, September 30, 2011

52 weeks.....

52 weeks.......52 weeks... WOW it just doesn't seem real. My sweet baby girl is 52 weeks old. Tomorrow when we wake she will officially be ONE YEAR OLD!!!!

My sweet, happy, lovable girl!!!! She loves to climb in and out of her rocking chair these days.

And this week she has really started taking interest in books. She doesn't like for anyone to read them to her; she is very independent and like to read them to herself. It's so sweet to hear her just babble away.

IDK why this pic will not rotate.... but the big news is...... Kinley officially moved out the pack in play in our bedroom and she's in her own room in her own baby bed. She has done great and has even slept in a few times (sleeping in, in this house is 7am but I'll take it over the 5:45am wakings we were having!!!!)

L-O-V-E this picture!!! My child has a vivacious appetite and loves everything she is allowed to eat. This week she got her first taste of refried beans..... and she loved it soooo much she wanted her entire face to taste it;ha!!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Sooooo Many Bees......

I am sooo behind getting things ready for Kinley's birthday party. Tuesday it hit me I didn't have the picture for her invitation yet and I needed to get it that night so I could order it Wednesday morning and then get them mailed out in plenty of time. Well Tuesday we had gymnastics till 6:30 so it was almost 7 before we got home, then dinner, then baths, and then like an idiot I thought I would try and get some pics.... and this is how that went.........

At first I got "sure I'll get in the chair and smile" bee and I thought YEA!!!!!!! This is going to be perfect; I'm a genius!Then "super smile" bee came out for just a mere moment. Still thinking I'm gonna get the perfect shot any second and we'll be done;ha!Then out of now where "unhappy" bee showed upFollowed by "I don't want to do this any more" beeThen "I'm getting the heck out of here" bee Which led to the arrival of "full blown ticked off" bee!

So did mommy stop...oh no! The idiot that she is still thinks we can calm down and get a good shot. Oh me...when will mommy ever learn;lol! So the "passy" bee worked some what. Till momma tried to take that passy away......
And then "pissed off" bee emerged

So you would think momma would really stop by now.... NOPE! That retard tried the passy trick again........

Which led to "get out of my way it's my bed time" bee. At this point Momma finally got the hint and but that stupid camera up!

So Wednesday Morning before we left for work we tried again to get a few more good pics and we were much more successful!!!!!

"Happy" bee was in full force!!!!!!

"Let me in that chair" beefollowed by "This face cracks my momma up" beeSo "I'll make some more of these faces" beeAnd "maybe one more just so she'll have a great day at work" bee!

Finally after two days and 56 pics we found one to go on her Bee-day invitations and I think it's cute as Bee!!!!! I was super pleased with how her invitations and other party favors turned out. Rachelle did a great job, she was super quick and very inexpensive! Check her out on facebook!(!/invitationsbyrachelle).

I can't bee-lieve Kinley Bugs will be One Year Old in only 5 days! Where or where has the time gone??????

Saturday, September 24, 2011

50 & 51 week pics

These last two weeks have been NUTS!!!! I'm trying like crazy to get caught up and get all the last min stuff ready for Kinley's birthday party... UHHHH I can't believe one week from today she will officially be One Year Old!!!! These are last Friday Pics; she was the ripe ole age of 50 weeks;lol!She is officially off the little bit of formula she was taking and she's now on Soy milk! She didn't care for it too much at first but now she's really starting to like it! We are down to just nursing one time a day. It's going to be soooo on hard on both of us to cut this last one out. I am ready to have my body back but it's such a bond that I hate to break it!This week Kinley has mastered the art of getting on and off her bouncy Zebra all by herself. She's even gotten so good that she can brush her teeth while riding it;loL!

Thursday I didn't feel good and by Thursday night I was ready to meet my maker; I was sick as a dog! And apparently by poor Kinley bugs felt the same way. We were up almost all Thursday night; she finally went to sleep only to wake at 4:45am. Had this been an ordinary Friday it wouldn't have been a big deal but NOOOOO! This was the Friday we were to have her One Year Old Pics with Ms. Melanie. We got up, got ready and looked really cute!We decided we wanted the bow off and when my momma said.. No Mam!.... The flood gates came open!!!!!!!!!!My sweet little upset baby :(

And then the bottom fell out!!!! I am think oh Great, this is going to be a great day for pics;lol! She got in a hour's nap on the way and woke up a much happier girl! To my surprise she did really good. After about an hour of pics she started to melt down. So we took a little milk and snack break and calmed her down a bit. Then she got to take her pics with a cake. This was her first experience with anything sweet so I was super curious to see how she would react. She LOVED it!!! She ate and ate and ate; she smiled with every bite!!! I am more than excited to see her pics!

This morning I could hardly even get out of bed I was so sick and weak. Not only did my super awesome mom come pick my house up for me but she took MC for a few hours. Me and Kinley bugs did some serious sleeping. After about 5 hours we awoke feeling much better! We even ventured outside to see how Daddy's bush hogging was going! This was Kinley's first tractor ride...well I guess you would call it tractor sit because when daddy went to start it up she didn't like it at all;lol! I hope we are on the rode to recovery and that Daddy and MC don't catch this especially since we have a big-ole party next weekend!!!!

Fun at the Fair

Last Thursday we took the girls to our county fair. MC has been waiting for months for the fair to come!

My big 4 year old MC loves to take pics with Kinley but as you can see Kinley no longer likes to sit still in sister's lap ;)

Daddy came come to change clothes before the fair and he got swarmed with hugs and kisses from his girls!!!! TOOOOO cute! my cutie pies!

MC's first ride was the carousel! She beamed from ear to ear the entire ride!

Then the motorcycle ride
Kinley bugs has a blast riding her stroller and watching all rides and seeing all the lights

More rides....more fun!

Last year she wouldn't ride the little dragon roller coaster to save her life but this year she rode it with me and we had a blast!

Then we had to ride the rooster on the carousel.... a rooster....really?!?!?! Only in Arkansas;lol!

Elephant ride!

She begged us to let her ride the Farris wheel so we finally gave in and I told her I would ride with her. But after a few mins in line I couldn't do it (yes I am extremely afraid of heights!) But luckily for MC her daddy stepped in and rode with her!She was more than excited to get on that thing; she was all smiles! I truly thought she would freak out when it got going but she didn't!!! She was such a big girl!!!

She waved at me almost every time they went around!
And before we left she went back and rode the dragon roller coaster all by herself! I can't believe how much my little girl has grown up in the last year. She is starting to became so brave and try new things and it makes me so proud of her!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Woo Pig Sooie

Last Saturday Micah Claire got her final birthday present; she got to go watch the Razorbacks play in Little Rock. She has been begging since last year to go and last year she asked her daddy if she could have her very on ticket when she turned 4. Four she turned and a her very on ticket she got!!!! My Little Razorback!

Papaw Barry & Ms. Debbie brought her a football balloon before she left.

Me and My girl loading up and heading to Little Rock!!!! Walking to War Memorial hand-in-hand with her Daddy!We were pumped that Uncle Jody and Aunt Paige joined us for the day! MC is in love with Uncle Jody these days!MC and Aunt PaigeRazorback girls!!! WPS!!!Aunt Paige and Uncle JodyShe didn't know what to think about Tusk. But she saw them feed him an apple and she said that was good that he was eating healthy stuff;lol!And I turned my back for maybe 3 seconds and somehow her and Daddy snuck in a rainbow snow cone :)And then The Man... Bobby P arrived! It is such a sight and such an awesome feeling to see the police escort, the coaches, the players and all the fans!She wouldn't even kinda get close to Boss Hog; maybe next year! Sue-E, Aunt Paige and MC; such pretty girls!

Daddy, MC and Pork Chop!She was hesitant at first about hi fiving the players......But she caught on quickly and hi fived a million of them! And she even got a pic with a Razorback Cheerleader!
The opening was dedicated to the victims and survivors of 9-11 and it was amazing! Each section was asked to wear red or white and that alternated around the entire stadium and the student section wore blue.
And the C-31's flew right over us as the national anthem played. Truly a wonderful and unforgettable sight! The Red, White, and Blue Razorback was the icing on the cake!

MC and Aunt Paige chit chatting before the game started!

And what better way to watch the game then a top your daddy!!!