Thursday, September 1, 2011

11 months old

Oh sweet Kinley Bugs I can't believe your already 11 months old. Some days I wish I could just freeze time and keep you little forever. You are the happiest baby every. You are madly in love with your Daddy these days. She squeal his name over a hundred times a day. When he walks into a room so say his name and take off for him, then grab his legs and hop up and down till he picks you up. You want to do everything that Micah Claire does; you still call her Bubba and that tickles her to death. Three weeks ago we cut out one of your nursing times and you finally got your first sippy cup of formula. You threw it all up the second you drank it. But, you are finally starting to keep it down! This week we cut out one more nursing, so now you are taking 2 sippys of formula day. Last week you moved up to size 4 diapers. I took you by my office this morning and you weighed 21#6oz and you were 26 3/4 inches long. We still haven't found anything you will not eat; you LOVE food! I took over 50 pictures in 3 days trying to get a picture of you sitting still and it NEVER happened; you're a busy body these days!

Last Saturday night I ran to Wal-mart and you MC stayed with Nana. Some how one side of the rope on the baby swing popped off and you fell face first into the gravel. We are so lucky that you were swinging out and hit the gravel rather than swinging back and hit the concrete. It left you with a big goose egg and a few bruises but it could have been so much worse! You're still cute as a big even with that big shiner on your forehead!

You love to climb in sister's rocking chair these days!You're so proud of yourselfYou are your own little cheerleader! Day three.... still can't get a picture of you just sittingThis is the one picture I got of you being still but it was only because you need a milk break ;)
A few sips and you were off again!

Since we have cut out 2 nursing sessions....... you not what has started back. And though I wasn't excited AT ALL about it, Kinley LOOOOOVES the new "toys" she has found under the bathroom sink. Cracks me up!

We love you Kinley Bugs!