Friday, September 9, 2011

49 weeks

We usually take our weekly pictures early in the morning but I was running behind this morning and we didn't get around to taking them till 9:45 and at is Ms. Kinley's nap time; so needless to say we only got a few "happy baby" pics;lol!
After I got no smiles......And then a small smile started to emerge.....

and then a big-ole smile!!!
And that was about the end of that happy moment;it was officially nap time and our photo shoot was OVER;ha!

Kinley LOOOOVES baby dolls these days. She carries on around with her almost all the time. She rocks them in her rocking hair, she carries them her baby carrier, and she feeds them. It is sooooo cute and sweet to watch!!!!

This week Kinley FINALLY said Sissy when she saw Micah Claire and that made MC's day. She also started saying thank you this week to. It's precious to hear her say tank-u!

Today she was super fussy which is so not like her. A friend of mine called to tell me her child and another child at daycare had pink eye. Less than an hour after getting off the phone, Kinley's eye was pink, runny and matted up. Uhhh, the wonderful joys of daycare.