Saturday, September 24, 2011

50 & 51 week pics

These last two weeks have been NUTS!!!! I'm trying like crazy to get caught up and get all the last min stuff ready for Kinley's birthday party... UHHHH I can't believe one week from today she will officially be One Year Old!!!! These are last Friday Pics; she was the ripe ole age of 50 weeks;lol!She is officially off the little bit of formula she was taking and she's now on Soy milk! She didn't care for it too much at first but now she's really starting to like it! We are down to just nursing one time a day. It's going to be soooo on hard on both of us to cut this last one out. I am ready to have my body back but it's such a bond that I hate to break it!This week Kinley has mastered the art of getting on and off her bouncy Zebra all by herself. She's even gotten so good that she can brush her teeth while riding it;loL!

Thursday I didn't feel good and by Thursday night I was ready to meet my maker; I was sick as a dog! And apparently by poor Kinley bugs felt the same way. We were up almost all Thursday night; she finally went to sleep only to wake at 4:45am. Had this been an ordinary Friday it wouldn't have been a big deal but NOOOOO! This was the Friday we were to have her One Year Old Pics with Ms. Melanie. We got up, got ready and looked really cute!We decided we wanted the bow off and when my momma said.. No Mam!.... The flood gates came open!!!!!!!!!!My sweet little upset baby :(

And then the bottom fell out!!!! I am think oh Great, this is going to be a great day for pics;lol! She got in a hour's nap on the way and woke up a much happier girl! To my surprise she did really good. After about an hour of pics she started to melt down. So we took a little milk and snack break and calmed her down a bit. Then she got to take her pics with a cake. This was her first experience with anything sweet so I was super curious to see how she would react. She LOVED it!!! She ate and ate and ate; she smiled with every bite!!! I am more than excited to see her pics!

This morning I could hardly even get out of bed I was so sick and weak. Not only did my super awesome mom come pick my house up for me but she took MC for a few hours. Me and Kinley bugs did some serious sleeping. After about 5 hours we awoke feeling much better! We even ventured outside to see how Daddy's bush hogging was going! This was Kinley's first tractor ride...well I guess you would call it tractor sit because when daddy went to start it up she didn't like it at all;lol! I hope we are on the rode to recovery and that Daddy and MC don't catch this especially since we have a big-ole party next weekend!!!!