Friday, September 30, 2011

52 weeks.....

52 weeks.......52 weeks... WOW it just doesn't seem real. My sweet baby girl is 52 weeks old. Tomorrow when we wake she will officially be ONE YEAR OLD!!!!

My sweet, happy, lovable girl!!!! She loves to climb in and out of her rocking chair these days.

And this week she has really started taking interest in books. She doesn't like for anyone to read them to her; she is very independent and like to read them to herself. It's so sweet to hear her just babble away.

IDK why this pic will not rotate.... but the big news is...... Kinley officially moved out the pack in play in our bedroom and she's in her own room in her own baby bed. She has done great and has even slept in a few times (sleeping in, in this house is 7am but I'll take it over the 5:45am wakings we were having!!!!)

L-O-V-E this picture!!! My child has a vivacious appetite and loves everything she is allowed to eat. This week she got her first taste of refried beans..... and she loved it soooo much she wanted her entire face to taste it;ha!!