Monday, September 5, 2011

FINALLY FOUR!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday we loaded up and head to Lake DeGray for some Labor Day Camping!

MC and PoppaMC and NanaAhhh..... too precious!Daddy and his almost 4 year old!Daddy and his girls And after Kinley bugs hit the hay it was time to make a few smores!!! (best part of camping)And this camping trip Micah Claire finally got to sleep on the top bunk bed all by herself; she was soooooo excited and proud of herself!Saturday afternoon we hit the lake!We met up with Georgia Kate and her family!Love this picture! These girls were so full of energy; I lost count how many times they jumped off the barge.

Then Saturday night Aunt Ashley, Uncle Eric, Cooper, Papaw Barry and Ms. Debbie joined us for yet another birthday party.

MC requested Nana make her favorite cake Mississippi Mud cake or "sippy mud cake" as MC calls it!

At times it still boggles my mind that she is four. Just honest to goodness just doesn't seem possible!And she finally got to open her present from Nana and Poppa.... The scooter she has been asking for more MONTHS now! She couldn't wait to get that thing out of the box and ride it!
She tried to figure it out but needed a little help..... so Daddy came to the rescue and gave her some help! I was specifically told not to put this pic on the blog.... but it....CRACKED ME UP!!!! Sorry Willie, I just couldn't resist ;)I can't tell you how many trips she made up and down that campsite. I went with her, her daddy went, Papaw Barry went and Uncle Eric. She was a pro in a matter of minutes. We had to pry her off it to go to bed. And sweet Kinley just couldn't wait to get her turn!
And then Sunday September 4th FINALLY came & she FINALLY turned the big FOUR!!! We came back to town at lunch to go to Poppa's family reunion.
My big Four year's still nuts and hard to accept that she is really and finally four years old. HOLY COW!!!!!Apparently somebody was just worn out;lol!Me and my four year old baby girl!And and his 4 year old little girl!LOVVVVVVVVVVVVVVE this picture. My three loves!Nana and MCApparently the are both 4; ha.. Nana wishes! Sweet Kinley bugs getting some poppa lovin!

And a sweet family pic (stolen from Aunt Ash's blog)! I think this is the first family picture we have with everybody in it. Aren't we a cute, lively bunch?!?!?! After lunch we headed back to camp, and bugs went right back to doing what she does best.....

stealing ice from the ice chest and eating it!

Then we decided to take about ride. We figured it might we our last one since it's cooling off so quickly these days. And our camping neighbor Olivia came with us! This kid cracked me up all weekend with her dry since of humor. One day she told me.... "I'm sorry if I smell bad, I forgot to put my deodorant on this morning." I about wet my pants to hear a 4 year old say that and be so serious too!

MC's first official boat ride as a 4 year old!!!!

This morning we packed up early and headed back home to get ready for the work week. On our way home Micah Claire says.... how many more days till I 'm 5 momma? I couldn't help but laugh at that question. I told her it was a whole year away, a really long time; but I know as soon as I turn around it will be September 4th 2012 and that breaks my heart!