Saturday, September 24, 2011

Fun at the Fair

Last Thursday we took the girls to our county fair. MC has been waiting for months for the fair to come!

My big 4 year old MC loves to take pics with Kinley but as you can see Kinley no longer likes to sit still in sister's lap ;)

Daddy came come to change clothes before the fair and he got swarmed with hugs and kisses from his girls!!!! TOOOOO cute! my cutie pies!

MC's first ride was the carousel! She beamed from ear to ear the entire ride!

Then the motorcycle ride
Kinley bugs has a blast riding her stroller and watching all rides and seeing all the lights

More rides....more fun!

Last year she wouldn't ride the little dragon roller coaster to save her life but this year she rode it with me and we had a blast!

Then we had to ride the rooster on the carousel.... a rooster....really?!?!?! Only in Arkansas;lol!

Elephant ride!

She begged us to let her ride the Farris wheel so we finally gave in and I told her I would ride with her. But after a few mins in line I couldn't do it (yes I am extremely afraid of heights!) But luckily for MC her daddy stepped in and rode with her!She was more than excited to get on that thing; she was all smiles! I truly thought she would freak out when it got going but she didn't!!! She was such a big girl!!!

She waved at me almost every time they went around!
And before we left she went back and rode the dragon roller coaster all by herself! I can't believe how much my little girl has grown up in the last year. She is starting to became so brave and try new things and it makes me so proud of her!