Friday, September 9, 2011

It's Fall Yall

Labor Day is suppose to mark the end of summer and that it did this year. The temps didn't get out of the low 80's and the wind was a blowin. After we got all our camping stuff unpacked and put up we headed out side and spent hours out there; it was a GREAT day!

No, MC isn't excited about Labor Day...... She heard Justin Bieber on the radio and busted out into a dance....uhhhh will it ever end?!?!

Kinley bugs finally got to ride on the glider like a big girl!

They were both so excited... if ya cant' tell ;)Then Daddy got out MC's old car and cleaned it up for Kinley bugs. He pushed her around a few times and then she put those feet down and went to town riding all by herself!She loved opening and shutting the door and getting in and out more than riding in it.Beep.... BeepApparently MC danced herself tired and had to rest in their play stroller Then we cleaned up MC's slide. Kinley didn't know what to think about it at first.........
but after one slide.... she was hooked!
Big Sis couldn't pass up the fun, so she joined in too.And then big sis showed little sis how to climb up the slide; I'm sure in the next week or so I'll be posting about Kinley feel while climbing up the slide;ha!MC couldn't get enough of the slide, it was like a brand new toy to her I still can't believe this girl is four...............
It seems just like yesterday she was this little girl.....
that hardly had any hair, had a gap between her front teeth, and was scared of just about everything. Man.... Time flys :(