Monday, September 26, 2011

Sooooo Many Bees......

I am sooo behind getting things ready for Kinley's birthday party. Tuesday it hit me I didn't have the picture for her invitation yet and I needed to get it that night so I could order it Wednesday morning and then get them mailed out in plenty of time. Well Tuesday we had gymnastics till 6:30 so it was almost 7 before we got home, then dinner, then baths, and then like an idiot I thought I would try and get some pics.... and this is how that went.........

At first I got "sure I'll get in the chair and smile" bee and I thought YEA!!!!!!! This is going to be perfect; I'm a genius!Then "super smile" bee came out for just a mere moment. Still thinking I'm gonna get the perfect shot any second and we'll be done;ha!Then out of now where "unhappy" bee showed upFollowed by "I don't want to do this any more" beeThen "I'm getting the heck out of here" bee Which led to the arrival of "full blown ticked off" bee!

So did mommy stop...oh no! The idiot that she is still thinks we can calm down and get a good shot. Oh me...when will mommy ever learn;lol! So the "passy" bee worked some what. Till momma tried to take that passy away......
And then "pissed off" bee emerged

So you would think momma would really stop by now.... NOPE! That retard tried the passy trick again........

Which led to "get out of my way it's my bed time" bee. At this point Momma finally got the hint and but that stupid camera up!

So Wednesday Morning before we left for work we tried again to get a few more good pics and we were much more successful!!!!!

"Happy" bee was in full force!!!!!!

"Let me in that chair" beefollowed by "This face cracks my momma up" beeSo "I'll make some more of these faces" beeAnd "maybe one more just so she'll have a great day at work" bee!

Finally after two days and 56 pics we found one to go on her Bee-day invitations and I think it's cute as Bee!!!!! I was super pleased with how her invitations and other party favors turned out. Rachelle did a great job, she was super quick and very inexpensive! Check her out on facebook!(!/invitationsbyrachelle).

I can't bee-lieve Kinley Bugs will be One Year Old in only 5 days! Where or where has the time gone??????