Sunday, September 18, 2011

Woo Pig Sooie

Last Saturday Micah Claire got her final birthday present; she got to go watch the Razorbacks play in Little Rock. She has been begging since last year to go and last year she asked her daddy if she could have her very on ticket when she turned 4. Four she turned and a her very on ticket she got!!!! My Little Razorback!

Papaw Barry & Ms. Debbie brought her a football balloon before she left.

Me and My girl loading up and heading to Little Rock!!!! Walking to War Memorial hand-in-hand with her Daddy!We were pumped that Uncle Jody and Aunt Paige joined us for the day! MC is in love with Uncle Jody these days!MC and Aunt PaigeRazorback girls!!! WPS!!!Aunt Paige and Uncle JodyShe didn't know what to think about Tusk. But she saw them feed him an apple and she said that was good that he was eating healthy stuff;lol!And I turned my back for maybe 3 seconds and somehow her and Daddy snuck in a rainbow snow cone :)And then The Man... Bobby P arrived! It is such a sight and such an awesome feeling to see the police escort, the coaches, the players and all the fans!She wouldn't even kinda get close to Boss Hog; maybe next year! Sue-E, Aunt Paige and MC; such pretty girls!

Daddy, MC and Pork Chop!She was hesitant at first about hi fiving the players......But she caught on quickly and hi fived a million of them! And she even got a pic with a Razorback Cheerleader!
The opening was dedicated to the victims and survivors of 9-11 and it was amazing! Each section was asked to wear red or white and that alternated around the entire stadium and the student section wore blue.
And the C-31's flew right over us as the national anthem played. Truly a wonderful and unforgettable sight! The Red, White, and Blue Razorback was the icing on the cake!

MC and Aunt Paige chit chatting before the game started!

And what better way to watch the game then a top your daddy!!!