Sunday, October 9, 2011

The 49th Month... The Hardest Ever!

Too say this last month has been hard is a freaking understatement!!! It seems like the day Micah Claire turned 4 she has bee sleep walking and sleep talking/screaming. I'll never forget the first night it happened. I was awoke at midnight by her screaming bloody murder "momma help me!" She was screaming it over and over. I jumped up from the bed and hauled you know what across the house to her room. I found her standing in the middle of her room just screaming. It took me a second to realize she wasn't even wake. So I woke her up BIG MISTAKE!!!! She immediately freaked out and went nuts on me. It took a long time to calm her down and we had to let her sleep in our bedroom to keep her calm. From then on it seemed like every night it was happening. One night she was begging me to come play with her; another night she was screaming that she wanted french fries, and one night she somehow climbed over her chair and got trapped between the chair and the wall. I have been like a dang zombie this last month. It has truly been exhausting to go through this. This lack of sleep even started taking a toll on her. She was so tired that she began acting out and throwing the most God Awful fits. She has gotten so many spankings, had tons of stuff taken away and even had to miss gymnastics because of her behavior. I am not proud of how I've reacted to all this; it's so taxing to lose sleep and have an ill behaved child. Last Sunday night I finally took her to her room and sat in the floor in front of her and broke down crying. I told that I had been praying for a month now that I could find a better, more christian way of dealing with her behavior but I was really going to change my prayer. I was going to pray that she began to sleep peacefully and behave like the sweet girl I know she is. She immediately began to cry and jumped into my lap. She apologized over and over again for her behavior and promised she would try harder. Let me tell you our prayers have been answered!!!! PRAISE THE LORD!!!! She didn't sleep walk once this week and didn't scream out in her sleep at all!!! And the last three nights she has slept all night in her bed!!! I truly hope these issues are past us and don't arise again!!!

49 month pics!Every month I ask her where she wants to take her picture and this month She got creative and wanted to take it by her name! Good idea Claire Bear!!This is our scarecrow that keeps blowing away every time the wind kicks up... So MC decided to name her Windy..... I thought that was very smart of her!Today we loaded up with the Stockton's and head to Brooklyn's 4th Birthday party at the Zoo! Micah Claire and Georgia Kate getting ready to party!!!!MC, Brooklyn, and GK listening so closely to the zoo party leader! They played some super fun Zoo gamesThey each got a party bag full of super cute stuff like binoculars, fans, and, sunglasses; aren't they cute all decked out in their zoo goodies!My super stylish girl!On our way out the girls wanted to ride the carousel all by themselves.... so we decided to let them. It's sooooo hard to let go and them do things alone; but those girls couldn't have been more prouder of themselves!