Sunday, October 9, 2011

A Fun and Not So Fun Week

Monday we had Kinley's One Year old Shots. I HATE shots & it kills me that they insist our sweet little babies take so many shots at one time. Kinley bugs was suppose to get 6 shots and I REFUSED!!!! So we only got three and we will get the rest over the next year and her MMR when she's over three years old. I don't know if the MMR is tied to autism like they say but to me it's not worth the risk so we totally avoid it for many years! Kinley did as best as you can expect a baby to do when getting three injections. It broke my heart to watch her cry like that! She was 29 1/2 inches and 22# 12oz; she is healthy and looks great on the growth chart!

My precious baby showing off her little band aides :( But after a little Tylenol and nap she was up and raring to go. I had to go to OBU for an hour so my dad came and watched them. This picture just cracks me up; he is so taken with these girls he just literally lets them run all over him.My little Boo-tiful girl!Make no mistake... this baby would not give her passy to anyone or up for any reason she LOVES IT!!!!! My goal this month is to cut back to using it only during nap and bed time and then be completely off it by 14 months.....we'll see how that goes ;)

I had early morning conference's on Thursday and Friday so Daddy had to take the girls to school. Daddy's car seat wouldn't face backwards so Kinley bugs got to ride forwards for the first time. I really thought she would be excited to see everything but it didn't seem to phase her at all; she is just soooo laid back and I love it!!!!
Saturday Kinley somehow got a hold of a sucker and she bit a hole in it so I decided to just give her the entire sucker and she was very happy I did.....She loved every single bite of it!


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