Saturday, October 1, 2011

Happy Birthday Kinley!

Today our sweet Kinley Bugs turned the Big One Year Old!!!! It's a bitter sweet day for me; happy that baby girl is growing and blossoming but sad that she's getting old so fast. For some reason it seems like her first year has flown by faster than Micah Claire' did.

Our super cute bumble bee cake that Ms. Brandi made. (on her way to our house last night the entire top of the cake fell off and she had to go home and redo it; bless her heart!)LOVE these random pics of my girl; they make my heart smile!!!Yummy fruit and veggie spreadand Yummy pig in a blanket, sausage balls, and chips and cheese dip!I used some of the labeled water bottles to decorateMe and my big girl!!!She gives the best opened mouth kisses ever! My hope of the next year is she learns to close that mouth full of drool;lol!And really.... have you ever seen a cutie toosh!!!!! Last night we got home late from Hot Springs and the we had to wait up for Ms Brandi to fix the cake so it was almost two hours past our bedtime when Kinley finally went down for the night and she was up at 6:30am. She took a 40 min nap this morning and I thought that would catch her up but I was WRONG!!!!

I thought maybe pics by the pumpkins would cheer her up... NOPE!
Okay then maybe pics by the tree... YEA!!! That worked for about 5 seconds and

The bottom feel out again... So we took another hour long nap before the party started!While sissy slept we got a few pics of MC Such a little camera ham!
And the extra nap WORKED!!! She woke up a happy, hungry child. PTL!!!!She was even gracious enough to sit still for a second so mommy could get a pic! And blowing kisses to sissy... so sweet!

Then she even had time to take a spin in the car!

She was so wound up she didn't even want to stop and take pics with daddy

Oh... and then Poppa arrived. This girl is head over heals in love with her Poppa Stan these days. She will leap out of my arms for him!She didn't even want Nana to hold her; she wanted her Poppa's hugs! Then it was time for the cake!!! She didn't know what to think about all those people singing to her and starring at her. She kept giving them the funniest looks; it was cracking us all up!

She wanted at that cake!Time to blow the candle outThen time to dig in!!!! It only took me one time to show her how to actually dig into the cake and ice cream and she understood and went to town!!!!

Look at sweet chocolate covered face!!!!MC loving the bumble bee from the top of the cake!Kinley showing off the bumble bee bracelet Ms. Debbie made her; sooooo cute!Then it was time for presents and Kinley was about ready for another Poppa stepped in and helped herShe didn't really know what to think about all the unwrappingThen it was time for her big present....MC was hiding behind the top and pulled it up and squealed Kinley it's me!!! Cracked me up!She didn't' know what it was but she wanted in it with her sister!!LOVE This pic... MC playing with chap stick and Kinley with a piece of gum; both as happy as they can be!Kinely was toooo busy checking out her new wheels to even take a pic with Aunt PaigeCooper was great at the party; he got lots of attention ( like most cutie pies do!)MC and Uncle Eric! Think this is the best pic of these two EVER!!!Ms. Debbie and her girls!!!! LOVE This! Such happy girls!
I took 11 pics of these three and got not one pic with all three of them looking;ha!

This is a book called "your my little love bug" that Ms. Debbie and Papaw Barry got Kinley. It has her picture in it and it is precious. I cried like a baby the first time I read it! Kinley bugs got some super cute clothes today; like this dress from Aunt Paige and Uncle Jody!

After presents Kinley went down for an hour nap and woke up ready to play with some of her birthday goodies. And while she slept... The Razorbacks kicked some Aggie tail!!!!! WOOOO PIG SOOIE!!!!!!!!!!!! What a great day to turn One Year Old!!!!! Thanks to all our wonderful family and friends who helped us celebrate!!