Sunday, October 9, 2011

When The Cowart Girls Babysit........

Aunt Ash and Uncle Eric are super busy these days trying to get moved into their new house. So... On Saturday we finally we got our turn to babysit Mr. Cooper!!!!I imagine Cooper is saying... why in the crap did my momma leave me with these crazy girls;lol! It was soooo great to have a little man in our house; and it doesn't hurt that he is so stinking cute!

Cooper blew his diaper out so he was in need of a change of clothes...... Which led to........

Us girls doing what we do best.... playing dress up.

Isn't she the prettiest thing you've ever seen.... Ahem... I mean isn't he handsome.. LMBO!!!

And we couldn't just stop with one outfit.... We had to try another one ;)

He loved playing with all the ruffles;lol!

We finally got him back into his clothes but that didn't mean we had to stop playing dress up...We have TOOOONS of bows and hats to play with in this house!!!!

LOVE this one!!!!

And this one fit him to a tee and looked adorable!!!!!

We had a blast with our first babysitting experience with Mr. Cooper. I am about 99% sure that my brother is stroking out as he is reading this and seeing all these pictures. And I am sure he will be taking our name and number off their babysitting list;lol!! We love you to pieces Cooper; your a sweet baby and you are the cutest little girl we know ;)