Sunday, November 13, 2011

My Little Racer!

Yesterday my big girl ran her first race! She has excited about this for the last week. Nana, Papaw and Aunt Ashely all came to watch her run and that tickled her pink!!!!

She couldn't believe she got her own race shirt.

And she wanted a picture of the back of the shirt but she wouldn't stay turned around for me to get a real picture;lol!

Warm up time!!!!

She was more than full of energy!

MC and sweet Georgia Kate!!! Cutest two racers there!!!

She did a great job running and she even got her own medal!!!

After the was time for fun! She about jumped out of her skin when she saw Dora!!!

Then Elmo!And then Tigger!The girls had a great time in the bouncy house and sliding down the big slide! And Sitting in this huge chair!!!
MC is already talking about racing again next year and that tickles me pink!!!!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Golden Month.......

Last Friday Micah Claire turned the BIG FIFTY.... Fifty months old that is! She loves when the 4th of each month roles around because she knows it's picture time. And she really enjoys them now that I let her decided where and how to take them....such a creative mind!

This month has been sooooo much better that last month. She only had one night over this last month where she woke up screaming. There have been no more sleep walking episodes and that is fabulous!!!!
However... this month her "Imagination" (as my mother calls) it has kicked into overdrive!!!! She loves to make up stories and events which is all great up until a certain point. And at that point I call it lying! We have had to have several talks about telling the truth and the importance of doing so.
MC has always been inquisitive....but this month takes the cake. And she's at that age where she's starting to put things together and ask some tuff questions. We love to watch Biggest Loser and Dancing with The Stars..... but I NEVER imagined those shows would spark so many questions. This season on DWTS they have JR who's face is disfigured from an explosion he suffered while serving our county. She has asked why his face looks like it does, what is a solider, what is the army, and is War. Those questions are wayyyyy harder to answer/explain to a 4 year old than I thought. And last Tuesday she finally asked...."why those people are on the biggest loser." I told her they were unhealthy, didn't eat right, and didnt' exercise much before they came on the show; and no they are having to exercise a whoooole bunch and learn how to eat healthy. Which lead to many questions about people she knows and if they are healthy and why they aren't. Those are tricky and baited questions and I know that one day she's gonna say something to somebody she feels is over weight and out will come everything I've ever told her.... Can you say AWKWARD!!!! I've tried to explain to her that nobody is perfect and we all have our flaws....but I'm not sure if that sank in yet. I guess that's what something we learn as we grow and mature and a little much for a 4 year old comprehend;ha!

And last but certainly not least she has started to figure out that no all her friends parents are still married. And that some kids have parents who don't live together and some have "2 mommys" (aka...step-moms) or "2 daddy's" (aka.....step-dads). Which has led to questions about WHY are they not married anymore. So far I have been able to answer them with simple answers. Probably the biggest thing I dread is when she FINALLY realizes that my mom and dad use to be married and they got divorced. I don't know how I'm gonna answer those questions. And truthfully I don't want to talk about; it still to the day makes me ball my eyes out to think about it. I pray the Lord gives me strength and guides me the day that conversation occurs!My 50 month old! She even makes sure her baby is strapped in;such a good girl!

LOVE THIS!!!! All her idea!!!This is one of those feather out of the head shots and I love it! She laughed soooo hard when she saw it! Sweet!

And then Silly!

She is IN LOVE with these silly shoes... they have a tiny heel on the back and she says they are high heels and she wants to wear them everyday!

Me and my big girl!

These two knuckle head crack me up!

No that's better;lol!

Picture Perfect!

To say MC loves to dance understatement. We get the biggest kicks out of watching her and we have no idea where she comes up with the moves!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

13 months old

On Tuesday Kinley Bugs turned 13 months old. This month has been new territory for us. Our sweet laid back bugs has turned into a feisty fireball. It's shocking, and at times funny, to see her just fall apart. I had forgotten about the "throwing myself to the floor stage" that Micah Claire went through. But the first time I saw Kinley do it I was immediately taken back to those days. Micah Claire never learned to do it softly; but after a few hard hits Kinley learned to throw herself to the floor but then gently lay her head down (smart cookie!).

It took about two weeks for Kinley bugs to get use to not nursing every morning. Now she is use to getting up and having her big girl milk out of her big girl sippy cup!!!! This month she cut her two top 12 month molars. She can now show you where her hair is, her belly is, and her nose is. And her daddy has been working super hard to teach her that the cow says moo. And yesterday she finally said moooo (really it was more like boooo) when he asked her. I think he was more proud than she was;lol! She is turning into such a big girl; it's amazing and at time exhausting to keep up with her!

My wild child;ha!Love this smiling face!!!!For the last two weeks she has been making this face like crazy and it cracks us up!

And she is climbing like crazy these days. She LOVES to climb up her and MC's step. It makes MC sooooo mad that Kinley climbs up to the top where it has her name written. It cracks me up to hear MC say.... MOM tell Kinley to get off my step.... Tell her Ms. Courtney painted my name on top and her name on the bottom and that's where she needs to stand. Nothing like sisterly love; lol!And Kinley is into everything and anything that her big sister does. So these days she is loving coloring in coloring books and reading books!My little Picasso ;)And even more climbing up onto sister top step again; can you tell she's proud of herself!!!
And the week after Kinley turned one, she officially moved up to the 1-1 1/2 year old class at school. She has done great and she loves her new teachers, classmates, and all the new toys and fun things like going outside that she gets to do in her new class!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Girls Weekend

Last Saturday was I was suppose to run my 3rd 5K but it turned out to be only my second 5K. I couldn't be happier as to why my 2nd one got canceled though........ My running partner and bestie Paige is finally having a baby after many, many years of trying. Her story is truly nothing short of a miracle and a testimony to her dedication and trust in the Lord. We love you Aunt Paige and we can't wait to Flower (this is what MC has named the baby!!!)

I am slowly but surly starting to get into the running thing. My first 5k was ran in over 100 degree temps and this one it was below freezing temps. Regardless of the weather my super awesome hubs and my two precious girls were waiting with big smiles and hugs for me at the finish line and that means more to me than anything in this world!!!!

After the 5K daddy loaded up and headed to deer camp and us girls got ready for Girls Day. Years ago our girls night was just us grown up girls, good food, good conversation, and good drinks. Well over the years we have all started having children and well....the rest is history. So our new version of girls night consisted of taking all the kidos to Jumping Apes in Texarkana and dinner at ShoGuns. my two happy girlsKinley playing house with her future hubs Henry ;)Henry was more impressed with the toys than Kinley;loL!Kinley had a blast, she was up and down and everywhere!She LOVVVVVED sliding down the little exit ramps!One of the very few times I got my child to sit still for a picCheeseToo cute!MC was little leary of the big slide, but after she saw Ms. Claire fly down it she was hooked! I totally lost count of how many times and ways these two wild girls went down this slide!Then it was dinner time!!!!

My favorite part of the night was when we arrived at the restaurant and the hostess asked how many were in our party and Evelyn started counting and said..... Oh my God there are more kids than adults, we're so out numbered. It totally cracked me up!

Years ago we out numbered the kids but over the last few years the babies have kept on coming. There was very little time time to talk or to listen to every conversation due to all the kidos needs, but the all that matters is we were together! The years will come and go but true friends are priceless and last forever! Love you girls!!!This was MC's first time at at Japanese steak house; not sure she really liked very much of it but I was proud of her for trying some new foods! And cutie pie Ms.Claire was more than full of energy!

After we got home and cleaned up we put on the new camo pj's Papaw Barry & Ms Debbie got the girls.... My camo cuties!!!!

Our Halloween

We have had fun all month long getting ready for Halloween. I love the Micah Claire is old enough to really enjoy holidays; it brings back so much excitement and memories for me!Big Smiles from my Big Girl!Please excuse Kinley is very taken with MC's vibrating tooth brush and she is pretty much inseparable from it;lol!The Thursday before Halloween all the kids at Fun Times got to wear their costumes to schoolMC and her buddies Paisley and Chloe!The Friday before Halloween was her school party and she was pumped!My sweet girls; I got one picture of them together

Kinley is on the move these days and will NOT sit still for anything!MC had a blast showing Mommy and Daddy all her Halloween songs and dances!And of course she loved the cup cakes, Cheetos and Capri Sun.... nothing like a sugar high;ha!Kinley bugs had her school party on Halloween day. She dove right in to her cupcake and gobbled it up!Then it was time to get dressed up and do some trick or treating. Kinley didn't know what to think about the dilly-bopper headbandThen it was time for the wings...... she checked them out for a second and then.........she wanted them off ; just my luck;lol!Mommy with her favorite bumble bee and lady bug!LOVE IT!My sweet little bumble beecheese

she was tired of taking pictures and kept asking how much longer till we get candy!Really MC?!?!?!?!And of course we had to have a tongue out pic;ha!
And Kinley finally looks at the camera.....and MC had to scratch her foot;uhhhh!All My Sweeties!Kinley had no idea what was going on but she was excited!!!
And MC knew exactly what was going on and she was E-X-C-I-T-E-D!!!!!One of those pics that just melts my heart!!!!!
We stopped by Papaw and Ms Debbie's house

We made a few more stops and then finished up at Nana's house!