Sunday, November 6, 2011

13 months old

On Tuesday Kinley Bugs turned 13 months old. This month has been new territory for us. Our sweet laid back bugs has turned into a feisty fireball. It's shocking, and at times funny, to see her just fall apart. I had forgotten about the "throwing myself to the floor stage" that Micah Claire went through. But the first time I saw Kinley do it I was immediately taken back to those days. Micah Claire never learned to do it softly; but after a few hard hits Kinley learned to throw herself to the floor but then gently lay her head down (smart cookie!).

It took about two weeks for Kinley bugs to get use to not nursing every morning. Now she is use to getting up and having her big girl milk out of her big girl sippy cup!!!! This month she cut her two top 12 month molars. She can now show you where her hair is, her belly is, and her nose is. And her daddy has been working super hard to teach her that the cow says moo. And yesterday she finally said moooo (really it was more like boooo) when he asked her. I think he was more proud than she was;lol! She is turning into such a big girl; it's amazing and at time exhausting to keep up with her!

My wild child;ha!Love this smiling face!!!!For the last two weeks she has been making this face like crazy and it cracks us up!

And she is climbing like crazy these days. She LOVES to climb up her and MC's step. It makes MC sooooo mad that Kinley climbs up to the top where it has her name written. It cracks me up to hear MC say.... MOM tell Kinley to get off my step.... Tell her Ms. Courtney painted my name on top and her name on the bottom and that's where she needs to stand. Nothing like sisterly love; lol!And Kinley is into everything and anything that her big sister does. So these days she is loving coloring in coloring books and reading books!My little Picasso ;)And even more climbing up onto sister top step again; can you tell she's proud of herself!!!
And the week after Kinley turned one, she officially moved up to the 1-1 1/2 year old class at school. She has done great and she loves her new teachers, classmates, and all the new toys and fun things like going outside that she gets to do in her new class!