Saturday, November 5, 2011

Catching Up.......

OMG time has just gotten by me lately. We have been busy every Friday-Sunday these last 3 weeks and I haven't been able to sit down and blog about anything. So here goes my attempt (while both girls are down for a nap) to get 4 or 5 post in.
We have spent lots of time down at the Lower Damn Park these last few warm but not to warm weekends.
Kinley loves playing there..........

as long as she doesn't get sand on her;ha!

Kinley bugs has mastered the art of climbing up and down her little slide.

She hasn't mastered the art of sitting down and sliding and it scares the mess out of me
But she's lucky to have a wonderful big sister who loves to play momma and help And she's even started trying to climb up the slide....uhhhh... the never a dull moment here
MC loves to show sissy fun....but not so safe ways to slide
And Kinley is trying hard to master the art of stepping down off of things and it's precious to watch!

Such concentration and dedication ;)Kinley has finally gotten over her fear of the Barbie Jeep, or should I say her sister's driving abilities;lol! And they ride all over the place and it' s a blast to watch! My two precious girls

Daddy wanted to check the battery so he popped the hood. I love this pic because it looks like Kinley bugs is her mechanical assistant!!!And this one makes me wet my pants. Kinley kept hollering up, up; which in Kinley language means up , down, or stop. This time it meant she wanted out of the jeep to .....ahem...well take care of business!!! LOL!!!And off they drive into the sunset!!!!!!! Three weeks ago we had a check up with Dr. Lou and after another negative egg skin test she gave us the go a head to put eggs back into MC's diet. She even got her very flu shot and did great; no reactions......other than the fit she through while getting the shot;lol!

She has eaten eggs every Saturday and Sunday since her visit with Dr. Lou. And she's been eating mayo on EVERYTHING!!! GOOD BYE EGG ALLERGY!!!! WOOOOO HOOOO!!!

And we are so blessed that Kinley doesn't have the egg allergy!!!! She has been eating eggs like crazy too and she loves them!!!

We've been doing some fall/winter shopping these last few weekends too. MC saw this black leather jacket at Dillards a few weeks ago and screamed and by screamed ..... I mean screamed at the top of her lungs in the middle of Dillards....OH MY GOD MOMMA!!!!! There's a Justin Bieber jacket. She was lite up like a dang Christmas tree with excitement. But when Momma saw the $70 price tag I became the mean ole momma who said no! But a few hours later we found almost the same jacket for MUUUUUCH cheaper at Target... Thank God for Target!!! And she got it and officially has a Justin Bieber Jacket.. She has worn the snot of this jacket and told everybody on the face of this earth that it's a Justin Bieber jacket.......oh when will this obsession every end;lol!