Saturday, November 5, 2011

Girls Weekend

Last Saturday was I was suppose to run my 3rd 5K but it turned out to be only my second 5K. I couldn't be happier as to why my 2nd one got canceled though........ My running partner and bestie Paige is finally having a baby after many, many years of trying. Her story is truly nothing short of a miracle and a testimony to her dedication and trust in the Lord. We love you Aunt Paige and we can't wait to Flower (this is what MC has named the baby!!!)

I am slowly but surly starting to get into the running thing. My first 5k was ran in over 100 degree temps and this one it was below freezing temps. Regardless of the weather my super awesome hubs and my two precious girls were waiting with big smiles and hugs for me at the finish line and that means more to me than anything in this world!!!!

After the 5K daddy loaded up and headed to deer camp and us girls got ready for Girls Day. Years ago our girls night was just us grown up girls, good food, good conversation, and good drinks. Well over the years we have all started having children and well....the rest is history. So our new version of girls night consisted of taking all the kidos to Jumping Apes in Texarkana and dinner at ShoGuns. my two happy girlsKinley playing house with her future hubs Henry ;)Henry was more impressed with the toys than Kinley;loL!Kinley had a blast, she was up and down and everywhere!She LOVVVVVED sliding down the little exit ramps!One of the very few times I got my child to sit still for a picCheeseToo cute!MC was little leary of the big slide, but after she saw Ms. Claire fly down it she was hooked! I totally lost count of how many times and ways these two wild girls went down this slide!Then it was dinner time!!!!

My favorite part of the night was when we arrived at the restaurant and the hostess asked how many were in our party and Evelyn started counting and said..... Oh my God there are more kids than adults, we're so out numbered. It totally cracked me up!

Years ago we out numbered the kids but over the last few years the babies have kept on coming. There was very little time time to talk or to listen to every conversation due to all the kidos needs, but the all that matters is we were together! The years will come and go but true friends are priceless and last forever! Love you girls!!!This was MC's first time at at Japanese steak house; not sure she really liked very much of it but I was proud of her for trying some new foods! And cutie pie Ms.Claire was more than full of energy!

After we got home and cleaned up we put on the new camo pj's Papaw Barry & Ms Debbie got the girls.... My camo cuties!!!!