Saturday, November 5, 2011

Our best attempt......

A few Saturdays ago we loaded up and headed to OBU to take some fun family pics with Cooper and Aunt Ashley. Well....our best intentions are always shot by reality. We were suppose to meet at 4 by my girls both decided to take a 3 hour nap that day; so we didn't get there till 5pm. And by then it was close to Cooper's feeding and nap time. Needless to say it was photo shoot full of lots of excitement. I think I took 117 pics in a 30 min time frame and MAYBE.... MAYBE got 3 or 4 pics with all the kidos looking at the camera. Oh well....such is life.... and some of my favorite ones are the out takes anyways ;) Our cute pies!

This is about the only pic that I got with Cooper smiling but somehow I cut off MC's head;lol!

These just crack me up; MC smiling, Cooper ticked off and Kinley totally confused about the situation;lol!

YAY.... finally got one with all three looking!

MC still smiling, Cooper is officially pissed off and Kinley...well... she's still a little confused;lol!

My sweet girls!

LOVE IT....such sweet sisters!

And my big girl; such a camera ham!

I still can't believe she's 4; just doesn't' seem possible!

After a break we decided to get Cooper back into the pics....Looks like Kinley is telling him.... Good job Cooper....stay calm and smile;lol!I told them to give Cooper kisses... and well..... this is what I got. IDK what Kinley Bugs was doing These pics are priceless and crack me up. Kinley looks like she's in deep conversation with Cooper

Oh My Kinley bugs and her tongue, she LOVES to show it off!

This one is my fav. Kinlye's expression cracks me up; MC looks like she is totally zoned out, and Cooper is just laid back gnawing on his hand.