Saturday, November 5, 2011

Our Halloween

We have had fun all month long getting ready for Halloween. I love the Micah Claire is old enough to really enjoy holidays; it brings back so much excitement and memories for me!Big Smiles from my Big Girl!Please excuse Kinley is very taken with MC's vibrating tooth brush and she is pretty much inseparable from it;lol!The Thursday before Halloween all the kids at Fun Times got to wear their costumes to schoolMC and her buddies Paisley and Chloe!The Friday before Halloween was her school party and she was pumped!My sweet girls; I got one picture of them together

Kinley is on the move these days and will NOT sit still for anything!MC had a blast showing Mommy and Daddy all her Halloween songs and dances!And of course she loved the cup cakes, Cheetos and Capri Sun.... nothing like a sugar high;ha!Kinley bugs had her school party on Halloween day. She dove right in to her cupcake and gobbled it up!Then it was time to get dressed up and do some trick or treating. Kinley didn't know what to think about the dilly-bopper headbandThen it was time for the wings...... she checked them out for a second and then.........she wanted them off ; just my luck;lol!Mommy with her favorite bumble bee and lady bug!LOVE IT!My sweet little bumble beecheese

she was tired of taking pictures and kept asking how much longer till we get candy!Really MC?!?!?!?!And of course we had to have a tongue out pic;ha!
And Kinley finally looks at the camera.....and MC had to scratch her foot;uhhhh!All My Sweeties!Kinley had no idea what was going on but she was excited!!!
And MC knew exactly what was going on and she was E-X-C-I-T-E-D!!!!!One of those pics that just melts my heart!!!!!
We stopped by Papaw and Ms Debbie's house

We made a few more stops and then finished up at Nana's house!