Sunday, December 4, 2011

51 Months

As soon as the first of the each month roles around and we take Kinley Bug's monthly pictures Micah Claire begins the count down till it' the 4th of the month and his her turn to take pictures. I never intended to still be doing a month profile at this age but I would never want her to think I did something sister and not her.... So here is our 51 month post!She told me she was Mrs. Clause in this dress; cracked me up!!! Uhhhh....yet another day with cheerleading. She wears me out jumping, and clapping and doing motions EVERYDAY ALL DAY LONG!!!! She begs me everyday to let her be on the little cheerleading squad at the gym and I REFUSE!!!!! I told her we would talk about it when she started kindergarten but that hasn't stopped her from asking day after day.
And of course we had to have some pics with the ole parents;lol!
I dread the day when she thinks its "not cool" to take pictures with us; maybe that day will never come;ha!

And of course Mrs. Clause wanted pictures by the tree!

Too stinking cute!

And a picture by her pink tree!
LOVE this picture; MC kinda has an evil little smirk going on and it cracks me up!

My sweet girls in the matching dress Ms. Debbie got them; Thanks Ms. Debbie!!! One kid sticks their tongue out....... One Smiles.......

And then visa versa;lol!

Since MC has been cleared to eat eggs me and Nana have been letting her help cook with eggs too! She loves it and she actually does a great job! This morning she cracked 4 eggs all by herself...........

and she was VERY proud of herself... if you can't tell :)

Over the last few months her penmen ship has really improved!!!! She is writing her name like crazy these days. About 1/2 the time she does it perfect and the other 1/2 she writes her M's and C's backwards....but I like it and thinks it's unique for now!A few weeks ago her friend Madelyn had a My Little Pony Party and MC got her first pony ride!Ms. Katie reallllllly out did herself with the party and the ponies. They colored their manes and painted hearts on themI LOVED the pink horse; it was pink all over and had tons of braids and bows in it's mane. MC was nervous at first, but a few mins she took right to it!!!This month MC has mastered her back bends and can even do them from a standing up position!!! It is exciting to watch her try new skills!!!!
And she has masted all three splits; she can do down all the way all three ways!!!

And she is working really hard on her pull overs on the bars!

And it seems like we may be getting closer to staying dry all night!!! Four nights this week she kept her pull up dry. It's been a VERY slow going process. Dr. Perrin has assured me it's normal for some kids to be in 2nd grade before their bladders mature enough to "hold it" all night and not make a big deal out of it. Not make a big deal.....have ya seen the prices of pull ups...YIKES!! But we have tried to take it in stride and not make a big deal if she's dry or wet. But I tell ya I just can't help but be OVERLY happy when that thing is dry and it tickles her pink when she finds out she kept it dry all night!!!!