Saturday, December 3, 2011

Family Christmas Pictures

Three weeks ago we got all dressed up to take our Christmas card pictures. Usually Christmas card picture time is STRESSFUL and EXHAUSTING but this year it wasn't. This year things went smooth,fast, and most of all.....there were NO MELTDOWNS from either child or me;lol!Kinley bugs just wasn't in the mood to smile; she was 100% serious!I can't believe how much my girls have changed since this time last year; it's amazing how much they have both grown!To say my husbands hates to take pictures is probably the biggest understatement. He dreads and despises taking pictures. Of the million pictures I have with him.......he might have been actually smiling in less than 10 of them. But when I almost dropped Kinley during pictures it tickled and I got a picture with him smiling....... LOVE IT!!!!Couldn't resist taking a pic by the red tree; just beautiful! Do you see what I see????? Look closely and you will see my brother behind the tree....Uncle Eric is always the jokester (guess that's my payback for dressing Cooper up like girl)Me and big girl!Almost got a smile!My sweet girlsOne of favorites!!!! Dad and his girls!

So sweet!And MC just couldn't' wait to take some pics all by herself; my little camera ham!Precious!

Kinley bugs wanted no part of pictures with her sister or by herself. Normally I would have tried and tired to get those pictures, but this year...... I just let her be. Maybe next year she will be more of a camera ham. This year I was on top of Christmas cards; I ordered them two days after we took the pics and actually had them in the mail the day after Thanksgiving!!! I was so impressed with myself; it may never happen again so I will toot my own horn this year ;)