Sunday, December 18, 2011

Fun Times Christmas Party

Friday Micah Claire had her school Christmas party at Fun Times. She loves school parties because she loves to show off her music and dancing skills!

They did such a great job singing, dancing, and hopping, clapping, twirling, and all those fun things!

They played musical chairs and those kids love it; and its sooo funny how competitive they are at such a young age!

MC not only made it to the final three....but she was the ultimate winner!

After the game was over Kinley bugs couldn't resist sitting in that chair; she has to do everything big sis does and it's precious! My sweet girl!Class pic; it's so hard to get all 9 to smile, look at the camera and not melt down ;)

And then on to the good sugary stuff!!!!

And of course Ms. Mae let Kinley have one too and she went to town on that cupcake!!!!

Maggie Grace just couldn't wait to have her picture taken with Kinley; precious!!!

And Kinley bugs had to get in on sisters group pic!!!

Look at that big-ole smile; she couldn't wait to dive into all 5 of her treat bags!
This is one of those pictures that makes realize how big she is getting!

MC and her two buddies Kalyn and Paisley!