Friday, December 2, 2011

It's beginning to look alot like Christmas.....

I wish I could say that we waited till Thanksgiving was over to put our tree up.... but that would be a big ole lie. We actually put our tree up the Sunday before Thanksgiving, against daddy's wishes! Last year Micah Claire was sooo excited to see all the decorations go up; this year she remembered her favorites from last year and kept asking when I was gonna put certain ones up. I love that she is now remembering things from year to year! She is starting to learn about our traditions and that is wonderful; it gives so much more meaning to the season!The tree is up.... the let season begin!!!!!Keeping Kinley away from this tree has been....well... exhausting!She even remembered which ornament was my fav and told Kinley all about it!And my by girl caught the stomach bug on Thanks giving night and puked her guts up for 24 hours. I felt so bad for her. She finally started feeling better Sunday so I got her and Kinley bugs their very own pink Christmas tree! She lite up like the 4th of July when she saw me bringing it all in.....made it all worth it!!!!

Kinley LOVED the new pink and purple ornaments!

MC got to put every ornament on by herself; she had a blast deciding where to put them all. I had intended for her to only put the pink and purple ornaments on but she asked if she could put a few of the special ones on there. She wanted to put her picture ornament from school last year on and I was fine with that.........Then she wanted the ornament we done for her first Christmas.... that took some serious begging to get.... but then...... She asked to have her Baby's First Christmas 2007 ornament that Ms. Brenda got her. Uhhhh..... that I didn't want to do, just couldn't' bare the thought of something happening to it. She with her big puppy dog eyes and pouty lip she said she would take care of it and put it up wayyyyy high so Kinley Bugs wouldn't' get it. So of course gave and she got to take from the big tree to their little tree.

She was more than proud of herself and her new tree! I have to says she really did do a good job!

And Kinley Bugs has really enjoyed having a tree with a bunch of ornaments right at her finger tips. She takes numerous ornaments off everyday and it kills MC that her tree is being messed with. Such wonderful, warm, sisterly memories being made....NOT!