Monday, January 16, 2012

Only In Arkansas

Technically this is "winter time" in Arkansas but you would never know it!!! There have been very few days that the temps have even got down into the thirties or even forties and if it does it's still up to 50, 60 or even 70 degrees by the afternoon. TOTALLY NUTS.... But I'm not complaining because I hate cold weather. We had spent soooo much time outside riding bikes, jumping on the trampoline, and at our local park, since Christmas, and it's awesome!!!!!LOVE this silly smile!And this sweet smile just makes me melt!!!FULL OF ENERGY and.........Enthusiasm!!!!!Cracks me up!!!!!

One day Poppa even stopped by and played with us!!!! Soooo sweet!!!!
Sisterly Love!!!!Micah Claire loves to swing and loves that she's learned how to swing all by herself!!!!My BIG girl!!!

And my little girl is finally loving swinging all by herself!!!!!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

52 Months Old...

My 52 month old.... but who's counting.... OH YEAH MC is ;)I can't believe she's going to be 4 1/2 in less than 2 months!!!!!And she is still head-over-hills in love with cheerleading. She loves everything about it: the cheering, the dancing, the flipping, and all the counting they get to do. She walks around the house saying 5..6...7....8...go 1, go 2, go 3, go 4..... a MILLION times a day!

And two weeks ago Micah Claire went to her very first movie. Mimi took her to see lunch at Chick-fil-a and then to see Alvin and the Chipmunks!!! She was more than excited about going....especially when momma let her take a big ole bag full of gummy bears and found out that she was going to get to drink a Sprite during the movie!!!!!

This month has been more than trying for me and Shawn. I have no idea why or how but Micah Claire has developed an extreme attitude over this last month. She use to use her manners 100% of the time, and she did what she was told the first time, and she never really back talked us or gave us any lip. Everyone I've talked to says it's just her age....... I am sure that has a lot to do with it but it's sooooo very trying. I keep flashing back to my great aunt saying... "Its only hard because your doing it right!" I know she's right and if we were taking the easy way out we would just let her do and say whatever. Manners and respect go a long way for me so no matter what I will stay on top of "this phase" and hope and pray it fades away quickly and my sweet, well mannered baby girl comes back to us! We love you more than anything in this world Micah Claire!!!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

15 Months Old

We celebrated New Years Eve at our house this year with good family and friends!!! The girls had a great time wearing their 2012 hats and necklaces and even making smores by the campfire.

How do you top a night like that.............. You turn 15 months old!!!!!!! My baby girl isn't much of baby anymore!

LOVE this smile!!!!

And at 15 months she is EVERYWHERE!!!! She NEVER sits still, she is up, she is down, she is running, she is dancing..... SHE IS FULL OF LIFE!!!!!!

This picture just cracks me up.... that ole pot belly!!!!!!

Irritated that big sister is talking while she is taking her pictures; cracked me up!!!

Oh so easily distracted these days.... NO ATTENTION SPAN!!!!

Then all the effort and hassle pays off to get a shot like this; TOTALLY melts my heart!!!

Kinley LOVES baby dolls these days. She and sister got Ally and Zoe (cabbage patch dolls) from Santa and Kinley has one of them in her hands at all times!

She loves to rock them, sing to them, put them to sleep,and feed them. One day she was feeding Zoe a bottle and MC said...... Momma you need to teach her how to nurse that baby!!! I about wet my pants... only my kids ;)

Kinley bugs you are just growing up before my very eyes. Over the last month you have started talking like crazy. You are now putting two and three words together ( more bite please, bye bye daddy, more drink please, and up sissy up). You are madly in love with your daddy and that makes me happier than you will ever know. You have had no food reactions so this month you officially started eating at school; we are still avoid peanut and peanut products till age two per Dr. Lous orders. There is really no food you will not eat. You LOVE cucumbers, Mexican rice & refried beans, strawberries, and blueberry muffins. You know all your body parts and you love to be outside. This month you stopped saying Bru and started saying Bruce. You call Micah Claire zizzy, sometimes you actually say sissy. You use to say up when you wanted down; but that has stopped and you now say down. You are a fantastic sleeper, but if you are woken up at night...LOOKOUT..... Ms. CrankyPants will show her face. You are finally liking going to the play room at the gym; you haven't cried one time this month when I take you in!!!! We love you soooo much Kinley bugs!!!!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas at Granny's!!!!

Christmas morning we loaded up and headed to Helena to see Granny Stoner. The girls played with all their new toys and took a few cat naps; they did GREAT!!!! We made the trip with NO Stops and arrived in less than 3 hours!!!!!!Look who finally decided that taking pictures by herself isn't' so bad!!!!!! YEAH Kinley bugs!!!She even blew me a kiss!!!!

But after a few snapshots I lost her to the sparkley tree!But my girls girl was more then willing to take some pictures by herself!!! My little ham!!!!

My girls!!!!

Too darn sweet!!!

TOTALLY PRECIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!And sweet hugs from Granny!!!!

We had a wonderful Christmas at Granny's! Her house if full of energy, lots of squeals, but most of all love! I have no idea how many Granny had enough energy and love to raise 8 kids; it's more than impressive to me! I love getting to see my cousins and I love to see my kids getting to play with their kids!!!!

Christmas 2011

This Christmas was wonderful, exciting, and exhausting! We had so much to do and so many places to visit. We bought a ginger bread house but never had time to sit down and make it, guess we'll save it for next year;lol! But we did do our very first Pinterest project........I did the girls handprint/Christmas tree. It was a fun but kinda difficult project. It's isn't perfect but it's my girls and I will treasure it for ever!!!!!!!Before bed we had to get Santa's goodies out and this year MC was big enough to get the milk out all by herself!!!!My little girl is growing up so quickly :(And then we had to get a few pictures in front of the tree before bedtimeThis one just cracks me up.... my two crazy girls!Last picture.... and then it was time to hit the hay before the jolly old soul made his big stopMommy and Daddy hit the hay at 11pm.... LUCKILY because at 11:30pm MC got out of her bed and walked into our room and made herself at home on the floor.And this kids ALWAYS wakes up by 6:30 but on Christmas morning she slept and slept. By 7:30 Shawn and I were about to bust but I knew she was tired and needed all the sleep she could get. But Kinley bugs was up and wanted her sister to be up too. So after a few squeals she woke MC up and the FUN began!!!!!

Kinley was overwhelmed by all the toys in her dinning room; she went from toy to toy!

She loved the blow up ice cream truck ball pit that she got..... and I love the static it put in her hair!!!!! ANd MC loved it too!!!!And they went crazy over the tent with tunnel!!!CRACKS ME UP!!!!!!Kinley bugs got a big girl potty chair from Mommy and daddy. When she tore the paper off the box and saw the picture of it she literally went uhhhhh! We laughed so hard we about cried!!! Guess we wont be potty training any time soon;lol!

MC was sooo worried that she wasn't gonna get her travel tray. She has just asked me the night before if we forgot that she had asked for it. She had the biggest smile on her face when figured out Momma and Daddy got her!!!!And we got MC the barbie that does hair that she has been asking for, for MANY MANY months now!

And she was soooo excited to see it!!!