Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas 2011

This Christmas was wonderful, exciting, and exhausting! We had so much to do and so many places to visit. We bought a ginger bread house but never had time to sit down and make it, guess we'll save it for next year;lol! But we did do our very first Pinterest project........I did the girls handprint/Christmas tree. It was a fun but kinda difficult project. It's isn't perfect but it's my girls and I will treasure it for ever!!!!!!!Before bed we had to get Santa's goodies out and this year MC was big enough to get the milk out all by herself!!!!My little girl is growing up so quickly :(And then we had to get a few pictures in front of the tree before bedtimeThis one just cracks me up.... my two crazy girls!Last picture.... and then it was time to hit the hay before the jolly old soul made his big stopMommy and Daddy hit the hay at 11pm.... LUCKILY because at 11:30pm MC got out of her bed and walked into our room and made herself at home on the floor.And this kids ALWAYS wakes up by 6:30 but on Christmas morning she slept and slept. By 7:30 Shawn and I were about to bust but I knew she was tired and needed all the sleep she could get. But Kinley bugs was up and wanted her sister to be up too. So after a few squeals she woke MC up and the FUN began!!!!!

Kinley was overwhelmed by all the toys in her dinning room; she went from toy to toy!

She loved the blow up ice cream truck ball pit that she got..... and I love the static it put in her hair!!!!! ANd MC loved it too!!!!And they went crazy over the tent with tunnel!!!CRACKS ME UP!!!!!!Kinley bugs got a big girl potty chair from Mommy and daddy. When she tore the paper off the box and saw the picture of it she literally went uhhhhh! We laughed so hard we about cried!!! Guess we wont be potty training any time soon;lol!

MC was sooo worried that she wasn't gonna get her travel tray. She has just asked me the night before if we forgot that she had asked for it. She had the biggest smile on her face when figured out Momma and Daddy got her!!!!And we got MC the barbie that does hair that she has been asking for, for MANY MANY months now!

And she was soooo excited to see it!!!