Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas at Nana & Poppa's

This year we decided to do something a little different at Nana's house. We decided to spend the night and wake up and have breakfast all together. The plan was to put the kids to bed and then us adults stay up and play boards games. Well those plans weren't successful due to three kidos being out of their element. Cooper wouldn't stay asleep and my girls fought sleep till almost 11 pm; but we still had a great time!I can't believe how big my girls look in this picture; they've grown sooo much in the last year!Nana and all her girls!LOVE this picture; I think it's the best one to date!!!I can't believe this sweet baby was only 11 weeks old this time last yearMy little camera ham!This picture cracks me up; sweet loving between Poppa and MC and Kinley eating.... as usual;lol!Melts my heart!!!!!!And our annual Family Christmas Picture by the fireplace was perfect!!!!! Who wold have ever thought we could have pulled off 6 adults and 3 kidos all looking at the camera at the same time; yea for us!!!!! And just last year this baby was just a tiny little bump in Aunt Ashley's belly and now he's 6 months old, eating baby foods and sitting up. He's been such a wonderful addition to our family of girls!He was really into the paper but not some much the presents; but I have a feeling by next year that will all change!!!And this kido has mastered the art of opening presents ;)She got some neat presents including a Dora book she can write her letters in and lots of arts and craft stuff including a big paint set (which will stay at Nana's house!!!!) My little bugs got a cute outfit from Aunt Ash and Uncle Eric and Poppa got her some shiny black bootsThis baby LOVES shoes!!!!! she walked all over the house in them and showed them off to everybody in the house!!!

The next morning all the kidos were up by 7am ready to party ;) Micah Claire just can't get enough of Mr. Cooper!

Nana made us a big-ole breakfast and Kinley bugs had her first bite of waffle and she loved it!!! She's really gonna love it one day when I actually put butter and syrup on it for her;ha!